Blades Away: Knife Throwing

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Physics based, 2D blade throwing simulation game with lots of unique blades to collect and master. Knife throwing has n…
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Physics based, 2D blade throwing simulation game with lots of unique blades to collect and master. Knife throwing has never been this easy to pick up and this challenging to fully master. Throw axes, knives, swords, ninja stars and other blades from all across the world. Huge rewards for skill and perception. Collect dozens of unique blades. Each blade is weighted and shaped according to its unique essence. Hyper detailed hitboxes create a truly next-gen hit detection experience for each individual blade. Buttery smooth 60 frames per second gameplay feels perfect for throwing these pointy bois. Unlock new skill throws unique to each blade by earning medals based on performance and not time spent or money paid. Skill throws add multipliers that open up even more gameplay opportunities. Slow motion replays show you the best throw from each of your play sessions for your review. If you love knife throwing in movies or anime, you'll feel right at home with your favorite fictional blade in your firm grasp. Direct control over each throw means no two throws will ever be the same. It's all about accuracy, control and creative strategy. No arbitrary controls here. Just you, the blade and the ultra dynamic physics of hitting that hardwood with a satisfying thunk! Some tips: ○ Some blades are easier to use than others ○ More challenging blades earn more rewards ○ Overview each level's target at start of round ○ Unlock Skill Shots by mastering blades ○ Use Skill Shots to get the most coins ○ Mastery ranks can be skipped with skill ○ Skipping mastery earns more rewards and avoids grind ○ All blades are a little unique and may require a different approach ○ You control the blades directly through physics and momentum ○ Learning to control rotation is the fastest way to improve your skills ○ Some blades are heavier or have different balance than others ○ Blades with a single point are almost always harder ○ There is no one right way to throw any blade ○ Try different blades in your collection to see what works best for you ○ Levels change daily, but we're working on a selection UI ○ Some blades will be much better for some levels ○ Levels have lots of secret objectives that are worth finding ○ Performance stats can be viewed for each blade in the collection ○ Simulation quality setting in main menu for older devices ○ Skill shots stack by addition ○ Combo Meters grant an additional multiplier to your score ○ Blade of the Day unlocks after you own 5 total blades ○ With Blade of the Day you get x3 and x5 multiplier bonuses every day
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Release:Sep 18, 2020
Updated:Sep 10, 2021
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