Blade Reborn

Snail Games USA Inc.
To my fellow warriors, The illusion of peace has deceived us for far too long. As we speak, the Demon race is plotting a…
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To my fellow warriors, The illusion of peace has deceived us for far too long. As we speak, the Demon race is plotting a large-scale invasion of our realm to pilfer our blessed iron ore. Darkness is rising, it’s inevitable - we must band together and prepare for it. But don’t despair, my warriors, you mustn’t forget how we prevailed over this same threat several centuries ago. Grab your weapons, dive into the underworld and fight for the greater good! CLASSIC DUNGEON CRAWLING LOOT-BASED GAMEPLAY - Scatter the Demon race, protect the blessed iron! - Explore and build your legend in a variety of diabolical worlds. - Collect piles of loot and gold in endless dungeon instances. HACK ‘N’ SLASH, CAST SPELLS, AND MORE - Be one of three unique heroes: An Immortal Wizard, Indomitable Warrior, or a Deadly, SIlent Assassin. Master over 64 Different skills and talents for each class. - Switch weapons freely during combat - create stylish combos by switching weapons on the fly. Master all of your weapons’ skills to dominate even the most powerful enemies. YOUR GEAR, YOUR STYLE - Identify countless weapons to find the most powerful random attributes for every piece of loot you find. - Craft powerful runes, master various talents and create your own unique playstyle. - Customize your outfits by dying them to your exact specifications. ENDLESS DUNGEONS, DIVERSE GAMEPLAY - Play solo or queue with friends for dungeon instances, compete on MOBA-style battlefields, and risk your life in massive 25v25 battles. - Challenge powerful World Bosses, Treasure Bosses, and more! GLORIOUS WORLDS, BREATHTAKING ACTION - Experience phenomenal graphics with HD mapping, next-gen special effects, all powered by the latest Flexi engine. - Immerse yourself in visceral combat action with intense feedback and gorgeous visual effects. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us on social media for all the latest news of Blade Reborn, events, and more: Facebook: Twitter: support:[email protected]
Seller:Snail Games USA Inc.
Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:May 24, 2018
Updated:Dec 10, 2019
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