Blade Guardian (By Mistwalker)

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    Mistwalker contacted Siliconera to tell us about their second iOS game, Blade Guardian. This is a tower defense style strategy game where players place units to defend a base against an alien threat.

    Blade Guardian adds a touch of motion control to the genre. If you want to strike back against the alien horde, tap on transporters to attack them. This makes transporters release BLADEs and if use gold and HP you can upgrade these units to Sphere Blades. Sphere Blades roll around the screen when you tilt your iPhone and attack alien nests they come in contact with.

    Blade Guardian is slated for release on October 1 for iOS devices.
  2. I'm excited for this. Those robots look super cool and it's made by the final fantasy creator.

    I hope the gyro mechanic is fun. My favorite use of it has always been "tilt to live"
  3. This looks like a rather generic tower defense game, to be honest. I guess not every Mistwalker game can be on the level of The Last Story.

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