Bizarre pricing thinking

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    So I just got an email from Nintendo about their Switch holiday game sale. As it turns out, there are many game that I bought this year — and paid full price for — included in the sale. Adding it up quickly, waiting until the sale would have saved me about $120. I am sure I’m not the only one in this situation.

    My question is: where’s the outrage? Why aren’t people yelling “rip-off” and swearing off “premium” games on the Switch? Compare that to the AppStore, where people scream bloody murder when a $4.99 game goes on sale for $2.99. Why are so many people who buy premium games on the AppStore so quick to get on a soapbox about a couple bucks, but willingly to put up with $30 drops on $60 Switch games?

    Perhaps it’s time to get a sense of proportion when talking about AppStore economics.

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