Bitchip Bounce - A Spiteful Futuristic Ball Game

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    "No bouncing ball has ever been as unpredictable and as spiteful as this thing."
    - Some guy, 2017

    Bitchip Bounce is an addictive, futuristic ball game of sumptuous timing, dynamite-reactions and pin-sharp focus.

    Collect Bitchips by successfully diverting the world's most random ball and use them to unlock new characters. Unbelievable, right?!

    • Little dudes in helmets … with shields!
    • A devilish ball with a mind of its own
    • Retro'ish graphics
    • Synthtastic original music

    COMING MAY 2017 to iOS and (probably) Android
  2. I have codes to give out too if anyone wants to get involved in the Test Flight beta
  3. Don't all rush at once!
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    Can this be played with two people?
  5. Not formally, but if all goes well I will add a two-player mode as it's something I've been asked by a few people actually. You can play a kind of ad-hoc local co-op though if you assign one character to each player!
  6. Level up, unlock new dudes




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    Camel-casing is totally overused nowadays but I think in your game's case it would be a good thing!

    BitChip instead of Bitchip.

    Every time I look at the title I think it's "bitch" something.
  8. That's a good point @Boardumb. I may well take you up on that one!
  9. This dude is in the game. You'll have to work hard to unlock him though! Can anyone guess the inspiration? ;)

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  10. Just checking in as it's been a while. BitChip Bounce is still coming! Yes, I added the capital 'C' :)

    Just working out some tweaks with monetisation (don't worry, it's a very friendly F2P model) and the game's Publisher right now. Will hopefully have some news about release within the next few weeks I hope.

    As a reminder, I still have keys for anyone that wants an early-access look at the game. I'd appreciate any and all feedback from you guys!
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    Release Date

    OK guys, I have a confirmed release date of the 25th of May! I hope some of you will join me and my publisher (Appsolute) in enjoying this surprisingly addictive little game. It kind of fits into your life whenever you have a spare minute to kill.

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  12. Jean pierre

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    Mar 24, 2017
    this game looks interesting, I stay tuned.
    will it be a pay once and play ?
  13. It will be free to download and play, but it has an EXTREMELY friendly model. You can enjoy it in it's entirety and not pay a cent should you wish.

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