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    Amazing game, I'm enjoying the android version. Glad you just fixed the nexus 10 screen. I've been killing myself trying to figure this out - how do you do a charge attack without casting a spell? It seems like if you hold touch for just the right amount of time you can do that we're attack, and a half second longer and I waste my mana.
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    First, here is a basic loot overview/guide I put together after buying the game yesterday.

    bit Dungeon Loot Overview

    It's meant for people just getting into the game (or perhaps even some veterans) to have a better understanding of rarities, affixes, and set bonuses. Note that I'm not positive about the methods of obtaining different rarities as I've just started so correct me if I'm wrong. Currently I believe you can find Grey, Blue, Purple, and Green from normal mobs and bosses while you must obtain Gold, Red, and Teal from other sources. I'm fairly sure I'm correct for Grey, Blue, Purple, Gold, and Teal. However, I'm not sure about Red and Green. Am I correct that you can only get Red from the ghost wife? As for Green, is it possible to get it from normal mobs or only bosses? (Note that I purposely ignore the angel/fairy who offers Greens and Teals for 1,000 black coins in this chart).

    I also am filling out a table as I come across items, but this is more for personal use and trying to understand how the rarity tiers influence stats. So far it seems that different rarities within a level have fairly similar stats which I found surprising. Grey items often have just as good or even better base stats than blues, purples, and greens. However, purples and greens are usually better anyway because of their affixes. When I have gathered more data I'll make a simpler chart with base stat ranges without affixes as well as an affix stat range. This should be more easily digestible and less redundant than having all the possible items and affix combinations listed for each level.

    As for the game itself, here are my thoughts (and hopes for the sequel):

    What I Liked
    - Visual feedback when an item is equipped (best part of the game)
    - Great rarity system (nice mix of basic rarities that can be found from normal mobs/bosses with a few unique rarities as special rewards)
    - Magic fusion (but this could be fleshed out WAY more)
    - Visual enemy variety (a good mix of enemy types visually, but functionally lacking)

    What I Disliked
    - Extremely dull combat
    I don't mind 1 button combat, but there needs to be something to make it more skill-based. Right now the game feels disproportionately loot based and not very skill based. As a result it comes down to a lot of luck in loot drops and some minor skill in boss fights (though the bosses have only a couple moves each which aren't hard to master once you've encountered them a few times each).
    - Limited enemy variety
    This ties into the above. There is some minor variety in teleporting enemies, cloaking enemies, and the one that spawns two enemies on death, but it's not that much. Cloaked enemies should do a critical hit (2x damage?) if they sneak up behind a player for example. This would make the game much more tense whereas right now cloaked enemies are basically just normal enemies that are a little harder to kill. I also have many more ideas below.

    These are two possible ways to make combat more interesting and skill-based (note that these are not mutually exclusive).

    Solution A
    Add timing-based 1 button Combos and/or Increase Weapon Variety
    If you keep 1 button combat, please add some timing based combos. Devil May Cry 5 (scroll down to move list) is a good example of this. There is a decent variety in the attacks you can use despite only using 1 button. In fact, the linked page is just for one of the weapon types (Dante's sword - Rebellion). He also has an Axe (Arbiter), Whip (Ophion), Scythe (Osiris), Fists (Eryx), and 'Shuriken-like Blades' (Aquila), each with unique 1 button combos. Perhaps you're too far in development, but having your weapon types have unique sets of combos would be awesome. It would encourage experimentation of other weapon types as well as increase re-playability.

    One potential flaw is for a certain combo to be the best and for players to just end up spamming one combo anyway. A possible fix is a 'combo diversity rating'. The rating starts at 0 and increases to some arbitrary maximum. The game keeps track of the last 4 combos you used. Each time you use a combo, the game checks that combo with the list of the last 4 you used. If you used that combo 0 times in that list of 4, your 'diversity rating' gains +1. How about 1 time? 2 times?

    Combo used x times out of last 3 combos:
    x=0, Combo Diversity Rating +1
    x=1, Combo Diversity Rating +0.5
    x=2, Combo Diversity Rating 0
    x=3, Combo Diversity Rating -0.5
    x=4, Combo Diversity Rating -1

    Your Combo Diversity Rating in turn modifies your item drop rate. The higher your rating, the better the drop rates are for rarer items. This means that a casual player can still button mash through the game and may have an easier time with combat by abusing a certain combo, but will also find worse items. This encourages diverse combat without severely inhibiting less serious players who just want to spam (depending on how you choose to tier the increased drop rate benefits for higher ratings).

    Solution B
    Magic Overhaul/Elemental Attack and Resistance
    Here is an idea for the magic system while still maintaining bit Dungeon's simplicity. Make runes spawn in each room periodically. For example, consider Tilt to Live. In Tilt to Live there are always 3 powerups on the screen (each time you pick one up, a new one spawns elsewhere to take its place). Instead you could replace these with magic runes. Walking over these runes could have two effects.

    1. The rune would combine with your current rune to make a new rune (as it does in bit Dungeon 1).
    2. The rune would neutralize certain status effects on the player (see below).

    This would make combat more tactical and faster paced. Players could actively seek out runes to change their element type during combat (possibly to deal with enemy resistances/weakness or just to employ certain status effects on enemies as well as to alleviate detrimental status effects).

    Elemental attacks - Instead of the current magic system, your magic rune type imbues your weapon with an element (enemies can also have elemental attacks). To remove status effects you must pick up the rune for the corresponding nullifying element (see below).

    - Fire // status effect - burning // moderate damage over time, enemies or players that come in contact also contract 'burning' // nullifying elements - water or ice
    - Ice // status effect - slowed // decreases RunSpeed // nullifying elements - fire or water
    - Poison // status effect - poisoned // rapid damage over time, cannot die from this effect // nullifying element - water
    - Water // status effect - wet // increases susceptibility to lightning, immunity to fire // nullifying element - fire
    - Lightning // status effect - stun briefly decreases RunSpeed to 0, deals increased damage to enemies/players with the 'wet' status effect // nullifying element - none, quickly wears off on its own

    Elemental resistances - Items can now add elemental resistances to aid against enemies with corresponding elemental attack types. Rare/Legendary/Unique items can even have the ability to nullify certain status effects or offer 100% resistance to particular elements (increases item variety). Enemies can also have elemental resistances

    I'm sure you already have plenty of great ideas and I probably went a bit overboard, but I wrote this as much for my own enjoyment as I did to provide you with suggestions :) Anyway, good luck with bit Dungeon 2! Looking forward to it.

    On a side note, this has encouraged me to go make this game a reality if it doesn't happen in bit Dungeon 2 :p Perhaps it's time to dust off those old CS books.
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    So... New update. How do we access the DLC?
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    Its the new 4th level now, I just put it in the game free.
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    So you're potentially taking the choice out if your friends hands that may potentially want to spend on the IAP?
    You wouldn't do this with Infinity Blade? Kingdom Rush? You wouldn't support those even though they're both games where IAP is just a whatever
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    Are there any more plans from Kinto Games?
    Thanks for the free DLC, I was wondering about that. Very cool.
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    Found out about the Soul thing here so decided to try that -- I was somewhere up around Level 65ish. Beat the thing and then my wife says, Join me in "DEATH" -- and she kills me.

    So that sucks.

    Especially since I *think* it was worded as "DEATH" as in, not really death, otherwise why were there quote marks around it?

    Can someone confirm for me that there were quote marks around the word DEATH? Because if so, I'll be pissed at the developer instead of being pissed at myself.

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    I'm really enjoying this game, but I'm having serious slowdown issues. Every minute or so, the game will freeze for 1-5 seconds. This happens when I'm leaving-entering a new room, or just randomly.

    I'm playing on an iPhone 4 and I have about 50% of my menory available (about 6-7 GB). Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Edit: nvm
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    I'm having the exact same issue on my ipad mini (original) / ios 7.
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    Anyone know what happend to #2?
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    Do you guys recommend this? Does it work well with iOS 7?
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    Bit Dungeon 2 coming this week, the15th, tomorrow! For Steam and iOs, looks awesome!

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