iPad Biscuit Bakery Puzzle: Bakery for Cat is out...for a very long time ago!

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    I search and search forum but not found it so post this in case someone interesting in discuss. ;)

    !!!! Triple Play Proudly Present !!!!
    BISCUIT PUZZLE Bakery: The Bakery for Cat

    Biscuit, owner of Biscuit bakery shop having trouble remember his customer order but this can be work out by you!
    Arrange biscuit memory to make him remember his customer order. Don’t let his memory to overflow by letting it hit the bottom of the screen.
    This update polish graphic and sound also add all functions requested by our value customer.
    Next version will add the all time request Global High Score Ranking!

    Feature in V.2.0
    - Unlimited hours of fun.
    - Improve graphic & sound
    - 90+ Levels to go though.
    - 10+ biscuits types.
    - 9+ Background.
    - Lot of items to help you.
    - Real-time save.
    Coming in next version
    - Global High score Ranking!

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    This actually pretty good. The graphics are adorable

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