BIOWARS: Invisible War (By Gabriel Creations)

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    Apr 17, 2015

    An invisible war is raging right now inside the living world of the human body. Select your choice of BioWarrior and take on invading pahogens in the battle for life.

    Play as Phagien, Humron, Blastor, Sensurian, and the rest of the BioWarriors straight from the acclaimed comic book, BIOWARS! Shoot, run, and fly your way through over 24 explosive levels of the BioCosmos, and defeat the alien threat. THE BATTLE RAGES ON!

    • Select the dynamic duo of your choice. Choose from various BioWarriors and fight as a formidable team, blasting your way through invading pathogens.
    • Fight through 24+ levels of vicious microbes to save the BioCosmos.
    • Explore various characters and terrains.
    • Compete against other players for the highest score across the BioCosmos.

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