Universal Bintu Run - a cartoon-style racer/runner/roller.

Discussion in 'Upcoming iOS Games' started by jonk, Jun 25, 2015.

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  1. jonk

    jonk Active Member

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    Hey everyone, I'm the developer of Bintu Run, an upcoming racing game where you run & roll your Binturong through a variety of beautiful levels / challenges.

    Here's the trailer (you can watch it in 1080p on YouTube) :


    • - Race against the clock! Find the best lines, earn medals, and try to beat your ghost.
    • - Simple 2 tap gameplay. (Or use swipe up/down controls.)
    • - 3 beautiful worlds with unique art.
    • - 5 original music tracks.
    • - Add Facebook friends as rivals and compete against them.
    • - Find the Ancient coins hidden in the levels.
    • - Choose from an assortment of hats to style your Binturong.
    • - Play entirely for free! Purchase a hat pack or the red panda to remove ads.
    • - Looks and plays great on tablets & iPads, as well as phones of all sizes.




    More screenshots and detail on the Bintu Run web page
    The game is developed and tested on both iPhone and iPad.
    Feel free to ask questions and let me know your thoughts.

  2. jonk

    jonk Active Member

    I submitted to the App Store earlier today, so if all goes will Bintu Run will be available in a few weeks! It will be a free download supported by ads and in-app purchases that give you some stylish extras and remove ads.

    If you are a fan of game music, you can listen to the original soundtrack online. The music is loosely inspired by a few classic 2d games and there are some relaxed and some dangerous tracks.

    More Screenshots


  3. jonk

    jonk Active Member

    Everything is ready and apple reviewed and Bintu Run will release on IOS just two days from now.

    RELEASE DATE : 7/22/2015

    Also for anyone interested I wrote a blog entry on the Design Goals in creating the game.
  4. Unlockabear

    Unlockabear Active Member

    Jul 16, 2015
    The art style and gameplay look interesting, but why the name? The name of Bintu run sounds like word play on Binturoung, however many people don't even know what a binturoung is.

    Red Pandas are much well known and have a bit of "internet sensation" clout (at least in the states).

    I'll be looking forward to it's release tomorrow, best of luck!
  5. jonk

    jonk Active Member

    Hi Unlockabear,

    Yeah the name is wordplay on Binturong -> Bintu Run
    Just trying to be a bit different using a Binturong as a main character & in the name, hopefully it's not too different that people have trouble remembering it / passing on the game.

    The app has already been set as released, but still not showing up in the store yet. I'm hoping it's there when I wake up tomorrow.
  6. PocApp Studios

    PocApp Studios Well-Known Member

    Jul 22, 2015
    Hehe cool game! I felt a little Leo's fortune wibe in sense of the gameplay and world design!

  7. jonk

    jonk Active Member

    Hey Tim,
    Actually I never knew of Leo's Fortune until now but looks really cool!

    The iTunes App Page page showed up 6 hours after release so Bintu Run is technically downloadable, but I still don't see it in searching the store on the phone. So I learned Apple might not be kidding saying allow up to 24 hours, it's been 19+ hours already.

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