BigStack + Broken Kings Tactical Art Style?

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Which Art Style Would You Prefer?

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  1. Daniel KR@

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    Apr 9, 2009
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    Hello TouchArcade Friends!
    Dan here from BigStack Studios (Sigma). I'm happy to announce that one of our upcoming projects is a collaboration between ourselves, Broken Kings (Castle Conflict) and my good friend Sean Dunkley (Bella Machina). Stephan Gazzard of Broken Kings is largely heading up the project with Mr. Dunkley handling the art production! The game will indeed be a tactical turn based game.

    I'm posting here today to get some opinions on the direction we should go with the art style. We're wavering between a traditional knights in shining armour style and a more whimsical animals in armour approach.

    Here is a very quick concept image of each potential style:



    What we request of you, our peers, is your preference between the two, and any thoughts you are willing to share. Let us know what you think!
  2. racingspider

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    Personally, I can't stand whimsical - or cutsie anime style. However, I might be the minority though.

    Let me be clear though, they ARE cute (the animals of course), I just don't like playing a character like that, or even for that matter the "traditional" style you show there is too cutsie for me as well. :p

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