Big Pig To The Rescue Force Edition

Help! Little Devil kidnaps Big Pig's friends and lovely Princess Pigglily. Now Big Pig is their only hope. Can he beat L…
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Help! Little Devil kidnaps Big Pig's friends and lovely Princess Pigglily. Now Big Pig is their only hope. Can he beat Little Devil and save his friends? Save friends and enhance your force! ***Arcade game ranked No. 24 in Japan ***Arcade game ranked No. 40 in Russia ***Arcade game ranked No. 11 in Indonesia ***Arcade game ranked No. 92 in the UK - cute exciting shooting game with vertical scrolling bullet hell! - Youtube: Force enhancement! Thanks to the plenty of players of free 'Big Pig To The Rescue' lite edition, because of their support and feedback, Big Pig has much more weapon power than ever. Rescuing princess is a piece of cake! 'Big Pig To The Rescue' lite edition is free and can be downloaded in the Apple App Store. Remember the classic vertical scrolling shooting game: raiden, 1942, 1945, or Shooty Skies? No more jet fighter but enjoy the bullet hell! Features - more than 50% power up comparing with free lite edition! - rescue one friend at each stage, friend will be your companion with a new weapon! - if you knock down the stage final boss, the next stage will be unlocked! - 5 exciting stages, there are 3 to 4 bosses at each stage. Be careful! They are cute but very dangerous! - 6 kinds of weapons - 5 kinds of killing bombs - 19 stage bosses - over 50 kinds of cute characters - daily login bonus - share with Facebook friends and get more coins and bombs! - collect coins to upgrade weapons and buy bombs in the virtual store. Or you can try our "Free coin" to get 200 coins for free which is also in virtual store page! - during playing, press pause button on the top right corner and then continue playing. It'll take a screen snapshot and store it in the memory, You can share it with your friends by pressing twitter and Facebook buttons at the main page later. - support Game Center leaderboard - both iPhone and iPad supported - and more fun! Easy to play - missiles are auto firing - move finger on screen to move Big - double tap to release bomb, it can save your life in critical situation! In App Purchase - 5000 coins pack - 10000 coins pack - 30000 coins pack - 55000 coins pack
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Sep 18, 2015
Updated:Aug 10, 2016
Size:94.6 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal