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    Has anyone tried this yet and is it worth .99 the lite version is very fun

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    Big Mouth
    This amazingly silly app will have all your friends laughing and keep everyone amused for hours.

    Have fun at people’s expense by literally putting words in their mouth. Make ANYBODY say ANYTHING you want...

    Load an image from your photo albums. Could be of a friend, family member, colleague, complete stranger, your favourite celeb, cartoon character or even various body parts (use your imagination)...

    Once you have loaded your face image, position and manipulate the MouthMask. It stickers exactly under the top lip and around the chin on the photograph. The MouthMask has sophisticated grab handles that allow you size and squeeze it anyway you want to sticker it to anyone’s mug.

    So now the fun begins... Hit record and talk into the iPhone’s mic. As you record your message you can see the photograph talking in synch. End recording and PLAYBACK whenever you want and make your friends laugh with the hilarious results. Watch their jaw wobble up and down. Mouth Off or go crazy at your friends and give them plenty of stick. Then play it back to them. Don't bother about keeping the decibels down call them a pumpkin head. Record some sexy chat up lines and play it to your girl friend. You can make up all sorts of games.

    Great for nights down the pub, in a bar, at a party or just to relieve your boredom when you’re home alone. Save the results and relive the hilarity when you need a laugh or edit the audio with fresh or Cleaner material. Swap places with your friends and let them try it out on you.

    We will feature a selection of videos on our website.

    Don't forget to include in each recording plenty of laughs and jokes when you record their voices. Be careful to have combed your mullet before taking a photo.

    keywords laugh, laughing, faces, comic, comical, cartoon, relax, fun, funny, melter, morph, wars, war, fun, fuzz, fuzzy, funny, joy, kill time, smile, recreational, recreation, entertainment, entertain, comedy, smiling.

    Important: Big Mouth requires audio input and use of photos from your photo library to utilise the apps full functionality. Therefore this app is mainly suitable for iPhone users. iPod Touch 2G users will need to use a compatible mic through the headphone jack to record audio.
  2. I fail to see a game here.

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