Big Bonus Slots - Spin Big Multiplier Bonus!

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    Welcome to Big Bonus Slots - the Vegas-style 3+Bonus Reel slot machine!

    Big Bonus Slots is a mobile version of the classical (3+bonus)-reel, 1-payline slot machine - perfect for the manias and the experts of Vegas-style slot machines!

    Begin with 300 credits and use the on-screen controls to place your bet. Then, just press ‘Spin’ to spin the reels! When you get any winning combination with Bonus symbol, you spin BONUS reel and get BIG multiplier!! See what you can win and climb the leaderboard with your total wins. Big Bonus Slots is fun, addictive and free-to-play!

    Are you feeling lucky today? Play now and win big - Big Bonus Slots - the addictive slot machine game for mobile!



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