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    Do you want to improve your Bible knowledge? How about sharing new inspirational bible verses daily? Will you like to spread the word of God by sharing the bible quotes with your friends, family and other contacts?

    The hustle and bustle of everyday life may not allow you to take the time to study God's word, Bible Verses & Quotes is an App that from your smartphone gives you the possibility to consult Bible verses at any time of your day and share it with your friends and family.

    Our new application offers a clean and simple design, an easy to use user interface and a simple navigation that makes it easy for you to read fluently thanks to its personalized keyboard for mobile devices.

    • Simple and easy UI/UX Christian Bible application
    • A clean, clutter-free design with easy navigation and controls
    • Search option for impressive Bible quotes and save them for later use.
    • Bible quotes include information about the book, chapter and verse details.
    • The application can be easily integrated with any other platform and applications.
    • Attractive font style and clear text for better understanding
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