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    Feb 8, 2015
    Tired of Paper Toss and want something new? Try Better Toss!
    Better Toss 3D:
    Toss Balls into baskets with full control!

    Better Toss gives you the most realistic Toss experience you ever had on Android. Have full control over the ball, the faster you swipe, the faster the throw. If you are tired of Toss games where you only can adjust left and right, then go on a journey that starts in your bedroom and ends in a dream world. 5 diversified levels are waiting for you, each one harder than the ones before. Tossing a ball into a basket is easy, but can you handle multiple baskets, moving baskets or wind? Find out, become the best player in your social circle! You see your friends pictures and highscores for the ultimate challenge.

    - Swipe the screen to toss balls into baskets
    - Full control over the ball
    - 5 levels
    - Social highscore system


    "The control is perfect"
    - Provat Hos

    "Great game put toss balls into basket. So amazing and entertaining"
    - Springman Jo

    "Baloncesto! ! Que hrande me encanta"
    - Miquel ML

    "Harder then it looks"
    - eQuality

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