[Beta] Twisty Board 2 by LHD Games - Open World Shooting Game!

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    Nov 30, 2012
    Hello All!

    Beta sign-up closing today. Beta from Aug 11th 2017.

    I'd like to give the TouchArcadians a chance to learn more about our upcoming game Twisty Board 2. After watching the below video and if you think it's good, then you're highly encouraged to sign up for our closed beta! www.twistyboard2.com

    From a dark dimension, the Q’Tath invasion force has come for the human race. And they have not come in peace. Travel to 5 interdimensional home worlds, bring the fight to the invaders and save humanity.
    Twisty Board 2 – The chase is on… Again!

    Tap & tap to navigate! You’ll shoot automatically once they’re in your direction & range.

    Thank you guys!

    TW - @kriptron

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