Universal (BETA) The Day We Fought Space - We Need Campaign Mode Playtesting

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    Jul 23, 2019
    The Day We Fought Space is a side-scrolling wreck-em-up with over-the-top weapons and spectacular chain reactions! Using an innovative multi-touch control scheme, you will strategize, explore, and respond to the environment and enemies around you as you aim to destroy everything in sight. In a game more about reaction than rehearsal, improve your skills as enemies and weapons consistently evolve in the procedurally generated world. Use physics to your advantage, creating dynamic chain reactions to throw your enemy off their game, as you adapt quickly to minimize damage and maximize opportunities.

    Our campaign mode, recently added to the beta, lets you unlock dozens of upgrades you can mix and match to create the spacefighter of your dreams! Fight your way across the solar system, complete special challenges to research new tech, and master an arsenal of weaponry!

    What we need right now is people to test the campaign mode for pacing, balance, difficulty curves, clarity, and engagement.

    If you are interested in Paid playtesting opportunities, which would involve a 10+ hour commitment, then please fill out this interest form and our producer will be in touch with you shortly!

    If you can't make that time commitment but you're still interested in the game and want to try it out more informally, then please join us in our Discord community where we announce and distribute our public betas.

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