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    Hello friends!
    We invite you to take part in testing our new game Piano Monsters.
    Public TestFlight link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/75SB6EEZ

    Piano Monsters is a fun musical game with voice control.
    Twelve monsters live in the piano and they like to eat candy-notes. Monsters can hear you. You can control them with your voice! Help these cute creatures catch the notes.

    How to play:
    Listen to the notes and repeat them using pitch of your voice or musical instrument. You can sing, talk, whistle or play piano. You just need to hit the right note. Your vocal range doesn't matter - you can sing/play in any octave.

    The game requires to use AirPods or any other headphones to hear the sounds.

    Piano Monsters is a wonderful music exercise as well as fun entertainment.
    This educational music game helps to develop the musical ear.

    Piano Monsters.gif

    Please write to the review that you like it or not in our game, what to add to the game and what to remove from it. Share your ideas about improving the game and let us know if you find any bugs.

    Piano Monsters c_3.gif

    Discover more about our games:
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