Universal Beta testers needed for Pears puzzle game

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    Oct 5, 2014
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    Now beta testing!

    Pears is a game that isn't about pears. It's a bit like a cross between Candy Crush and Tetris, but it's very much its own unique game. It will be released as a pay-once game with no adverts or in-app purchase shenanigans.

    If you would like to beta test it then please PM me with your email address, or send an email to meejahor@gmail.com



    Here's the App Store description:

    Pears is a simple game of matching coloured tiles.

    Match two whites to make a red. Two reds make a green, and so on. But as the numbers stack up, lower numbers nearby get knocked out. And that's where the strategy starts...

    It's easy to play. It's fast, fun, and satisfying.

    It's new and it's really good. It's Pears :)

    * Simple one-finger gameplay
    * Elegant and minimalist presentation
    * Social network support: Game Center, Facebook and Twitter
    * A bit like a match 3 game, but you match 2, so it's faster
    * Sarcastic name to mock people who can't spell "pairs"






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