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    Hi everyone,

    <<Update2>> Aug 25th. After first being rejected for an IAP requirement that we initially failed to address, we received a new notice about our game concept being rejected because of having babies flying out a burning building considered to be violence and abuse towards children, so we are in the process of substituting the babies which will be a more lengthy process. With this bad news comes good ones, in respect to the things Pyro-Mamma will include (milti-player) from launch so please bear with us while we show this baby how to fly out the window. Nevertheless, we appologize for the delays to everyone interested in Pyro Mamma. Thanks for your undestanding and support. -Ed

    My name is Eddy Mendoza from HolaBoss Games, a small indie studio from Mexico City with a compulsive love for iOS gaming. We have a new game launching and we would like to invite some fellow Toucharcaders to test it before launch. All your feedback and opinions on this thread are helping us improve this game

    Here's some of what the current testers are saying:
    -- "PyroMamma has very great and colored graphics, comfortable UI, nice BGM, great idea and plot!". - Vlad Fatenko
    -- "I have played through the first few levels in story mode, it is very fun and addictive already." - Fluffernutter

    We have very few open testflight slots left, so sign up now - http://tflig.ht/OsnhDl
    Since we have very few beta spots left we can only authorize one device per user.

    <<NEWS>> A new testflight update is available now, so be sure to update your existing copy. It has better tilt control among other improvements. See the app description below for more info.

    :cool:Thank you for all your positive comments and detailed feedback, which we used in this new update!

    Official Launch Trailer:

    Thank you and we'll be looking forward to hearing your comments :).



    (and the recently re-submitted one to Apple)

    ✔ Tuned the tilt control to require less tilting.
    ✔ For every minute you survive, you will permantly increase every object's score for that round.
    For full list of improvements, please go to post #11, here.


    ✭ When you loose a life you can regain it by scoring a 25 chain combo. This is working fine but the lives icons do not update to show your recovered life.
    - Comunication with Game Center leaderboards or achievements is disabled in this testflight version because our profile is being used by the submitted app. Achievements do work without game center though.
    - IAPS costing real money are disabled for the same reason as Game Center. You get to test how much you can progress without spending.


    Please go to post #12 to see part of our road map.


    This arcade game provides a simple but challenging bounce and tap experience, with different game modes and control types for all to enjoy.

    That poor home-appliance-impaired lady has accidentally managed to set her building on fire once again and she is desperately throwing everything and everyone out the window! Join the two brave firemen in their attempt to save a helpless lady’s babies and precious belongings!

    Catch and bounce the falling objects with a trampoline to the nearby ambulance! Tap repeatedly to carry heavy loads! Use power-ups to avoid fiery dangers and save everyone from the fire, as a true hero should do!

    Be treated to a pattern switching gameplay feast that will require fast reflexes and split-second decisions.


    ✭ 3 game modes: Survival, Story and Kids Mode (more coming)
    ✭ Universal game (3GS, iPod 4G, iPad 1 and up)
    ✭ Tilt or Touch control options.
    ✭ Intelligent level design.
    ✭ 29 Achievements with or without Game Center
    ✭ Earn FREE pyro-coins for every round you play.
    ✭ The Generous White Stork will drop more FREE coins and power-ups as it flies by!


    SPRING: Place these springs around to bounce objects for you. Upgrade to increase the number of bounces and turn springs into protective shields!
    BULLET-TIME: Bend time to get out of a tight spot or to use other power-ups strategically. Upgrades increase the length and strength of the effect.
    BUBBLES: Send objects and babies flying to safety in a special bubble. Get upgrades to use them on heavy or harmful objects. Upgrades also allow you to put more objects into bubbles, until eventually you can send everything on screen flying on bubbles!

    ✭✭ 3 GAME MODES at launch ✭✭

    ☆ In Story Mode, you will need to make strategical use of your power-ups to achieve all stars and perfection medals, which will earn you big pyro-coin bonuses and EXTRA LIVES!
    ☆ In Survival Mode, the more you last, the more coins you receive. With your earnings, get additional lives and power-up upgrades to last even longer! Over 150 waves of action packed: Frenzy Waves, Danger Waves and Massive Waves!
    Kid Mode provides a way for more fans to enjoy the game, with unlimited power-ups and lives.


    Email us at: contact@holabossgames.com
    Like us: www.facebook.com/HolaBossGames
    Follow us: https://twitter.com/holabossgames


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    Additional info

    This game was set to launch in early July, but due to some set-backs while registering our company profile with Apple, the game was submitted until Tuesday July 24th, so here's your chance to have a go before launch. Once registered you will also be able to early test our upcoming multiplayer modes in the near future!

    The game will be free, but was designed as a paid title with iaps, so in result it is as generous a title as it could be in respect to giving away coins and goodies. One can complete the game and get all the power-up upgrades without spending a dime. Actual purchases will just help in achieving this in less time.

    As obsessive gamers for over 30 years, we honestly think that this game has potential to challenge even the most seasoned players in its later stages and survival mode.

    Your replys on this thread are of course highly appreciated.

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    Jun 6, 2011
    I received a notification to beta test today, I went to testflight to install it, it said it needed to install a provisioning file, I installed that but every time I try to install the game it tells me to install the provisioning file again. I can't wait to try this game.
  4. wilflare

    wilflare Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2011
    try using the website instead of the client to install the game. it works :D
  5. First group of testers ready

    Sorry about that. I mistakenly aproved 3 testers in testflight who received the invitations before we created your provisioning profiles, which was planned for tomorrow Monday.

    To fix this we have now added the profiles for everyone registered until this morning so it should work fine now and you'll be one of the few that will get to play the game today, cheers!... and sorry for the inconvenience.

    Everyone that registers from this point on will receive their invites in the evening of tomorrow Monday 30th, so sign up and preview our game, you won't regret it!

    Thanks everyone for your support!
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    By the way, IMHO the touch controls make the game easier which is great for the Suvival mode where it can get really hectic, but I generally prefer to play the Story levels with tilt control, as I find it more challenging this way. I have yet to manage achieving all the medals in the third city with tilt controls.

    Also while Survival mode is now available from the start, you only get one life which makes it really hard, so try getting the perfect medals in each city to receive free extra lives and be able to last longer in Survival.

    Finally, in this testflight version, real money iaps are disabled because we have already submitted this version for review by Apple, and its uploaded binary is using the same profile for its iaps. What this means is that you will be testing the game as a non-paying fan, so you can check out how much the game adheres to ethical freemium best practices. Additionaly, when the app goes live, you'll also be able to get free coins with Tapjoy offers.

  7. fluffernutter

    fluffernutter Well-Known Member

    Jun 6, 2011
    Thanks for fixing it today. I have played through the first few levels in story mode, it is very fun and addictive already. I find myself wanting to save the elephants and dogs over the babies:). I have a couple of small issues/questions, one is I had trouble placing the spring where I wanted so it didn't seem to be very useful for me. Second, if I don't catch the papers does that count against me or are they just a bonus?
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    Hey, I´m glad to hear you are liking the game so far! Thank you for your kind words!

    Could you be a little more specific with your issue with the Spring? Does it have to do with a delay while you were moving very quickly? The Spring can be a real life saver and they are the most affordable power-ups, so here goes some tips:

    1. if you know some waves where you're having trouble, you can plan ahead and plant a Spring in the challenging areas, such as close to the ambulance or near the building, just in case you are on the opposite side.
    2. If you want to use a spring as a last minute solution, first use a bullet-time, then lay down the spring and go back to catch whatever else you have left.
    3. Remember that the Spring's collider is a little larger than the spring so even when there is some space between them they will work, (almost one full spring).
    4. Springs also work as shields against fire, after being upgraded.
    5. Springs can catch bonuses for you.
    6. You can place up to 5 Springs at a time.

    For your second question, yes the papers count the same as babies and other objects. It just takes a little practice to catch them correctly. Nevertheless we're going to enlarge their collider as you're not the only that's had trouble catching them.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  9. dreadnok

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    Jun 8, 2011
    I came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum I'm ou
    just signed up
  10. RizzleNYC

    RizzleNYC Member

    Jul 2, 2012
    Indie Game Marketing
    Beta Tester

    Just submitted my TestFlight application - looking forward to playing the game and offering up feedback!
  11. New update in test flight

    Here's the full list of fixes and improvements for Pyro Mamma in the Aug 2nd version on testflight.

    ✭✭ NEW IN VERSION ✭✭

    ✔ Tuned the tilt control to require less tilting.
    ✔ Faster button animations.
    ✔✭ In-Game, for every minute the player survives, the point value for all objects is increased by 1% for the rest of the round. If each minute is reached with a 4x combo, the incresase will be 5% and will stay like that even if you loose the combo. This means more coins to you!
    (Visual feedback still pending)
    ✔ Fixed a bug where the "tap tap" notice to repair your trampoline would not appear again, after the first time the player received damage.
    ✔ Fixed notices. Achievements were updating Game Center on every notice and was causing some lags.
    ✔ Added a Restore Purchases button at the bottom of the IAP purchases list.
    ✔ Eliminated the $0.00 cost display in the Tapjoy button.
    ✔ Flipped the orientation of the game on the device.
    ✔ Fixed "Multiplier" typo.
  12. wilflare

    wilflare Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2011
    will be sending my views soon. it's quite fun to play thus far :D
    really reminds me of the Game&Watch game I once had :D
  13. RizzleNYC

    RizzleNYC Member

    Jul 2, 2012
    Indie Game Marketing
    Just finished playing for 45 minutes.

    First off, this game is really addicting. I want to save all the babies (and elephants. and pigs. and more)! The game has a lot of potential because the concept of catching stuff on a trampoline (and only needing to tilt your device to do so) is so simple and clean.

    That being said, I identified a few things to chew on based on my experience. Just my suggestions:

    - Initially wasn’t sure how to move the firemen (would it make sense to have a super quick tutorial where you introduce the concept prior to the first level?)

    - Think about giving away springs/bubbles as “level-ups” or rewards for completing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc level. This will remind people they’ve got them available for use. Also this sets the expectation when you say “You just earned 2 FREE springs” that usually these are not free and it will require coins to purchase them.

    - Consider letting people know exactly how many points they got for the successful save and transport to the ambulance. I know you can tell by watching the coin numbers go up, but it would make a lot of sense for people to know what the benefit is for each of those saves. For example, if elephants are worth 4x more than a regular baby, I’d try to save that one first given the situation where I can only save one.

    - In my opinion, it needs to be more clear when your trampoline gets a hole in it (maybe a noise or icon pops up?) It took me awhile to figure out that’s what the swords and fireballs were doing.

    - How many babies/items can I drop before the level resets? Would it make sense to have X’s so people can tell where they stand? Even if there is no graphic, it would be good to let the player know how many can be missed.

    - Overall the game is SUPER addicting - people will want to continue playing this game but will they pay for the DLC? Are there additional powerups that could add more value (ie: larger trampoline)? The spring isn’t as helpful as I’d like and I don’t really want to pay money for something unless it’s actually going to help me win.

    - Consider making the power-up buttons slightly bigger? I tapped the wrong power-up on multiple occasions (spring instead of bubble).

    Again, overall I love the game. Just trying to give some feedback to help tighten things up a bit.
  14. Hi, thanks for the kind words and I'm happy to hear you liked the game.

    Also a very big thanks for your suggestions and new ideas, which will surely help us make Pyro Mamma a much better game. Some of them we have considered, such as missing sounds here and there and visual feedback for scores. but your insight will prove invaluable in helping us confirm ideas such as the trampoline size. Finally you threw some interesting new concepts we hadn't thought about and we are currently discussing how to implement them. Many thanks.

    Note: The number of baby icons in the top left indicate the lives you have left before the level resets. We will add a red X to these in order to make it clearer, though.
  15. Well Placed Cactus

    Jul 24, 2012
    Brisbane, Australia
    Just sent in my application to beta test. This game looks damn fun. Definitely looking forward to giving it a go and hopefully helping you guys make it better.
  16. kunaalkiip

    kunaalkiip Member

    Mar 9, 2012
    So far so good. Love the game. Couple points I would have is putting a guide/instructions at the first time things happen. Like popping the trampoline and getting it fixed. Had no idea how to fix it.

    And it would be great if you could make the survival mode easier. I always go to survival mode before story mode and almost stopped playing because it was too hard - then read on here that you should build up on Story mode. Maybe a few different levels of difficulty for survival mode, or it gets harder as you continue.

    Otherwise - great game and I'm looking forward to it coming out!
  17. jamesfish30

    jamesfish30 Well-Known Member

    Aug 24, 2011
    How much longer do we have to wait.
  18. Sorry for letting you all down with the big delay, but It will be at least another two months before its out.

    As you may know if you've read the top of the thread, Pyro Mamma was rejected for the concept of having babies falling of buildings, hitting the floor and crying, so we are working on substituting the babies for cooler assets and in the meantime we are working on other improvements for the game. As indies though, we've also had to take on some jobs to keep going.

    We appologize for raising expectations and we'll do our best to have it out asap.

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