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    Hi there,

    Platonic here once again. 5 years ago we released our first game: Sweet Sins. Back then we were just 2 friends trying to break into the industry and now we have a team of 12 amazing people. Sweet Sins was far from being a success, but we truly loved developing it - even tho we’d do some things different now. The thing is, we worked very hard on the initial design of the 7 main characters and we’ve been wanting to bring them back for a while. And we finally did it!

    Now here's Sweet Sins Melodies, a musical game where you beat the enemies to the rhythm of the music!


    - Tap left/right to hit the enemies to the beat of the music
    - Play a variety of musical genres: JPop, rock, electro swing, EDM, house and many more!
    - More than 20 characters with unique skills to level up
    - Different scenarios and bosses
    - Easy, medium and hard levels

    Here's a gameplay teaser trailer:

    *Here's our presskit in case you want to know more about Sweet Sins Melodies: https://sites.google.com/platonicgames.com/platonicgames/sweet-sins-2?authuser=1

    This is our most ambitious game by far in terms of game feel and game balancing. We’ve been developing it for 8 months now and we think it’s time we show it to the world and ask for some feedback, so we're opening a closed iOS beta! https://forms.gle/eTL9LzADDe25xK636

    ---> Join our beta here <---

    We would give away codes with ingame currency and some special costumes to everyone that joins our beta. Your feedback is always really helpful so we truly appreciate your time testing our games.

    Let us know you initial thought about our game!

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