[Beta] SkillPlay competitive mobile gaming arcade

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    Mar 28, 2022
    We are looking for beta testers to test all aspects of our app, SkillPlay. SkillPlay is a competitive gaming app where players can compete against each other for fun or real cash prizes. In the beta, we will only be running free-to-play head-to-head matches and free tournaments. We will have some surprises though for everyone that creates an account and completes at least 10 matches. They are all hypercasual games so that won't take most players very long. You can register at www.skillplay.io

    Social influencers will be able to set up and run live tournaments on the app.

    IMG_1414.PNG IMG_1408.PNG IMG_1409.PNG IMG_1411.PNG IMG_1412.PNG IMG_1413.PNG

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