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    Name: Shinobi Run Endless
    Platforms: iOS, Android
    Release Date: Fall 2020
    Genre: Endless Runner
    Rating: 12+, T

    Beta is currently active via TestFlight for iOS
    Click here to join the beta!

    Early Access is currently active for Android
    Click here to go to Google Play Store page

    Death does not come easy for a shinobi.

    Fight your way on an endless blood-thirsty journey. Travel across the ancient alps to confront the Tsuchigumo clan and seek vengeance for the death of your family. Cursed with eternal life, you will die and resurrect till you achieve the highest score you can! Other shinobis are on the same path as you, but only one can hold the mantle of being the ultimate shinobi!

    • Easy to learn, difficult to master combat system
    • Sprint, jump, slide, and throw smoke bombs to defeat your foes
    • Collect time orbs to extend your life and continue your onslaught
    • Resurrection is a common tool for the vengeful shinobi. Shadows never die!
    • Utilize the ninja sensor to time your attacks for the most critical damage
    • Equip various game-changing items from the Shop. Mix and match to fit your unique play style
    • Challenge your friends with Game Center. Compete for the highest score, highest streak, and most perfect kills.
    Shinobi Run Endless is a free game with minimal ads and a single in-app purchase for ad removal.


    • Jump - Swipe UP on LEFT side of screen
    • Slide - Swipe DOWN on LEFT side of screen
    • Smoke Bomb - Swipe Left on LEFT side of screen
    • Sprint - Tap and hold the SPRINT button. Can be performed in mid-air.
    • Attack - Tap the RIGHT side of the screen

    While holding down the sprint button, you can attack/jump/slide as you normally would. Sprinting has an unlimited use and will cause you to zoom by enemies. You can initiate a sprint in midair to have enemies move under you and land safely. You can initiate a sprint at any time, except when attacking or throwing a smoke bomb. Sprinting has no affect on the timer.

    Smoke Bombs
    Smoke bombs are versatile and can be used to strategically avoid oncoming enemy attacks, even fatal attacks. You have unlimited smoke bombs at your disposal but can only throw 1 smoke bomb at a time. Legendary equipment, such as the Heavenly Tanto of Gathering Clouds will allow you to throw up to 5 smoke bombs simultaneously to avoid enemies that have lingering attacks. You can only throw a smoke bomb when you are idle.

    Again, you can jump while holding down the sprint button. Time your jumps carefully to avoid fatal attacks from charging enemies. A red kanji warning will notify you to jump to dodge this fatal attack

    Again, you can slide while holding down the sprint button. As with jumping, timing is key to avoid fatal attacks from leaping enemies. A blue kanji warning will notify you to slide to dodge this fatal attack

    You can attack up to twice simultaneously. You can attack mid-slide and while sprinting. Some enemies cannot be attacked. These enemies will not have a Target Sensor over them and display a fatal attack warning (either red or blue). Attacking them is pointless. Instead you should avoid their oncoming attack. Attacking an Innocent will have a negative effect on your score, and thus you should avoid attacking them.

    Target Sensor.png
    The Target Sensor is special tool that allows you to attack with style. There are 4 zones of the sensor that correlate to a specific style. As an attackable enemy approaches, a sensor will appear over that enemy. Another orange ring will appear. This is the Guide Ring. The goal is to attack by tapping the right-side of the screen, when the guide ring is placed at one of the 4 zones of the senor to kill the enemy. Attacking too early, where the guide ring is outside of the sensor will count as a miss and cause a delay until you can attack again. Now that you know how to attack using the Target Sensor, lets breakdown styling:
    • Okay - Awards you 100 x Streak x Difficulty points (ex: Streak = 2x, Difficulty = Hard (1.5x) => 100 x 2 x 1.5 = 300 points)
    • Great - Awards you 300 x Streak x Difficulty points
    • Perfect - Awards you 500 x Streak x Difficulty points and 5 additional seconds to your timer. Also slows down time momentarily if Slow Motion option setting is turned ON.
    • Awful - While the enemy is killed, you gain 0 points and your style streak is reset.
    • Disgraceful - Killing an Innocent, regardless of style, will remove 500 points from your score. Sometimes its best to not attack.


    Your score is your chance to prove to the world you’re the ultimate shinobi. You can compare your score against others by visiting the Game Center in the menu screen. There are plenty of modifiers that can increase your score during a run, which we will look at here:
    • Style Streak – As you continue to maintain stylish kills, your streak meter at the top of the screen will fill up. Performing an Awful or Disgraceful kill will reset your streak. The streak levels are broken down by the number of kills:
    • 1x – 0 kills
    • 2x – 3 kills
    • 3x – 8 kills
    • 4x – 13 kills
    • 5x – 19 kills
    • 6x – 19+ kills
    Additionally, you can purchase the Enraged Tengu Mask from the Shop and equip it to decrease the number of kills required to reach the next level streak quicker.​
    • Timer – You are allotted a certain amount of time at the beginning of each run, depending on the difficulty selected. Once the timer reaches 0, your shadow has lost its will to live and will die. You can purchase Ryujin Charm from the Shop and equip it to increase the amount of time you start with at the beginning of each run. Performing Perfect kills on an enemy will increase your timer as well. In addition, you can pick up time orbs as they appear, which will increase your timer by 3 seconds. The amount of time gained from a time orb can also be increased by purchasing the Regalia Charm from the Shop and equipping it.
    • Difficulty – You can alter the difficulty from the Game options of the Menu screen. Each difficulty has a unique difficulty multiplier, which determines how much points you are awarded for each style kill. The harder the difficulty, the more points you will receive.
    • Resurrection – As a shinobi seeking vengeance, you have the ability to resurrect at least once per run. On rare occasions, you may obtain a divine gift to resurrect a second time during a run, by watching an Ad. Resurrecting allows you to continue your current run. Resurrecting is completely optional, and you may choose to die and end your run, if you so choose.
    • Charms – Certain charms that are purchased from the Shop can be equipped to have an affect on your run. You can only equip 1 charm at a time, so choose wisely. Charms can be upgraded to increase the benefit received from them. The purple lotus flower at the bottom of the screen will be lit if a charm is currently equipped. Charms can be used an infinite amount of times.
    • Coins – After the end of each run, your score will populate the Results screen. You will also receive coins, which can be used to buy items from the Shop. Some charms can increase the amount of coins received at the end of each run. You can also double up on the number of coins by tapping on the “Double Coins” button to watch a reward ad.
    Enemy Types.png


    Quick Items
    Quick Items.png
    • Dragon's Teardrop - You will not loose points for killing an innocent, but this is destroyed upon use. Can only be used once per run.
    • Steel Plate - You are protected from any targetable enemy, but this breaks upon impact. Can only be used once per run.
    • Lazulite Plate - You are protected from a fatal jump attack, but this breaks upon impact. Can only be used once per run.
    • Realgarite Plate - You are protected from a fatal charge attack, but this breaks upon impact. Can only be used once per run.
    • Maneki Neko Charm [Upgradable] - Coin multiplier.
    • Komainu Charm [Upgradable] - Score multiplier.
    • Ryujin Charm [Upgradable] - Increases amount of time provided at the beginning of every run.
    • Regalia Charm [Upgradable] - Increases the amount of time acquired from time orbs.
    Special Items
    • Divine Flute - Removes innocents from the battlefield
    • Mizuchi's Tail - Tail of the legendary river dragon. Removes double-attacking enemies from battle.
    • Hou-ou's Feather - Feather of the mystical phoenix. Removes running enemies from the battlefield.
    • Ominous Brass Knuckles - Removes spinning enemies from the battlefield.
    • Ceremonial Fan - Removes walking enemies from the battlefield.
    • Ring of Todomeki - Stolen from the theif with a hundred bird eyes. Positions yourself at an advantageous distance from oncoming enemies.
    • Enraged Tengu Mask - Fills your streak meter quicker, requiring fewer kills per streak level.
    Legendary Items
    • Eight-Span Mirror of Infinity - Allows you to see more of the surrounding and in turn predict which enemies are about to appear more easily.
    • Heavenly Tanto of Gathering Clouds - Allows you to throw up to 5 smoke bombs immediately in quick succession.
    • Grand Jewel of Regalia - Allows you to sprint at blazing fast speeds, making it ideal for quick escapes.
    • Undying Flame of Amaterasu - Allows you to sprint through enemies, killing them in the process. Killed enemies during this state are disregarded for score.
    Your stats can be seen from the Stats pane of the Menu screen. Some stats may not be updated if you choose to quit a run. The leaderboards can be accessed from the Game Center pane of the Menu screen. If you have Game Center connected, you can view and compare your scores against the world. Each week, your ranks are reset. Each rank has its own unique badge for each of the leaderboards:
    • Best Score
    • Best Score (No Resurrect)
    • Best Streak
    • Perfect Kills
    • Best Time Survived
    Rank Badges
    Rank Icons.png
    If you haven't already checked out the beta via TestFlight, you can click here to join. You can also install the game on Android here. Would love to get your feedback :)

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