[BETA] Potion Pop - Calling all beta testers!

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    Nov 4, 2014
    Hello Touch Arcaders! (Touch Arcadians?!)

    All of us here at Delinquent are so very excited that our upcoming match-3 game Potion Pop is ready for beta testing! As a beta tester, you would be one of the first people to get their hands on the game, and your valuable feedback could very well make the world of difference to us. Even if you don't normally play match-3 games, you should give Potion Pop a try -- I think you may be surprised by just how tricky some of the levels can be! And of course, any feedback you have about difficulty level would be greatly appreciated.

    How do I join?
    To join the beta, just send us your Apple ID email on our sign up page (potionpop.com/betasignup). Invites will be going out very soon!

    What is Potion Pop?
    Professor Cornelius Pop needs your help! Together you can save the imps' enchanting world from the Dark Lord Humdrum's nefarious plans.

    Harvest light magic by matching, swapping and popping potions. Clear away the dark magic as you progress through more than 100 potion packed levels so the imps can reclaim their once beautiful home!

    Potion Pop features:
    • *Six exciting match types to help you harvest light magic
    • *Unique combos to reward your strategic thinking
    • *150 levels to play through...with plans to add more in the future!
    • *A variety of fun and challenging objectives to keep you on your toes
    • *Friendly imps who grant you helpful magical boosts

    We also have plans to add more social features in the future, but the beta test is just focussing on the main core of gameplay for now.

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