iPad [Beta] Pixel Corral - Someone's gotta draw the line!

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    Greetings TouchArcade! Construction of the game Pixel Corral is nearing completion, and we at The Imperative have decided to celebrate with an Open Beta. Please join us in Beta! Watch video now!

    Pixel Corral is an arcade/adventure game for the iPad where you draw lines to bounce pixels into collectors. It's a bit like a cross between Pong, mini-golf, and, I dunno, JezzBall. Draw lines to bounce dots into holes. Do it fast enough and you'll earn stars and unlock new levels, and maybe even discover the secret workshop I wasn't supposed to mention where you can create your own levels. Whoops!


    But wait, there's more! Imagine if different colors of pixels had their own collectors. Maybe those collectors are moving now. Maybe some of the fences are teleporters. It's a crazy world, these things can happen. Why is the island made out of pixels anyway? No time for questions, just keep corralling!

    Pixel Corral is also the story of a young girl exploring a magical island with her wizard uncle while they attempt to rebuild her family's industrial empire. Over 30 minutes of animated cut-scenes will illustrate their fantastical tale, as they circumnavigate the island in search of....THEMSELVES. And pixels. They're mostly looking for pixels.

    Featuring an original soundtrack, more than 100 levels, a level editor with QR code sharing, and above all, lots and lots of free-range pixels. For more information on joining the beta, please visit pixelcorral.com. The game will officially launch in December 2019!

    Public TestFlight Link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/89gLkTrd


    "Pixel Corral - Someone's Gotta Draw the Line"

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