iPhone [Beta] Mango Tango - Tap the ripe mangoes to score high!

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    Oct 9, 2019
    Mango Tango - How High Can You Score?
    Hi! I've developed a simple game called Mango Tango. It is a score attack game where the objective is to click the mangoes when they are most ripe. You have a limited amount of time to get the highest score possible, but you can extend it by playing well. The longer you last, the faster the mangoes ripen—making the game one that you can slowly perfect your skills at.​


    While deceptively simple, this game will slowly overtake your life. Scoring higher and higher is extremely addicting. Competing with your friends for the top spot on the leaderboard will slowly take over your personal relationships and you may find your friends victims of mango hysteria.

    Download the Testflight beta: https://testflight.apple.com/join/4ci1EGIq
    Feedback email: [email protected]

    Right now I am primarily looking for feedback regarding the gameplay and if it feels intuitive enough. If I had not provided you with the description of the gameplay above, would you be able to figure it out at a glance?

    Currently planned updates:
    • Score sharing (to be published by October 17th or 18th).
    • Continue length being reduced (cut from a full 30 seconds being added to the clock to 15 seconds).
    • Ideally an in-app store that will allow you to change your background skin, mango skin (imagine changing it to an apple, orange, etc). These cosmetics will be all unlock-able for free with coins that drop as you play. The higher you score, the more coins you can receive. There will also be the option to purchase these cosmetics for real money but my monetization idea is to make them extremely cheap. Right now with other small mobile games these kinds of cosmetics cost $1 for a single one. I think I'd probably charge $1 for four unlocks, while also having a single purchase disable the interstitial ads in the game. No current timeline for this feature.

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