iPhone [Beta] MadWorld - Shooter Game (by Carbonated)

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    Nov 13, 2020
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    MadWorld is a PVP based mobile game that’s currently unreleased to the general public. That means we need YOU to join our playtests to help us further develop the game! With great participation comes great reward! Founders of MadWorld will receive special benefits upon worldwide release.

    Carbonated is a development studio that's creating and self-publishing a real-time PvP shooter mobile game. Never miss the action as your strategy is fully backed by tactical AI mechanics that will assist in directing your squad by making smart, yet impactful, moment-to-moment decisions in the heat of the fire fight. MadWorld is based on a modern dystopian landscape, integrated with real world locations and a setting that starts 6 months after the ‘Event’.

    The playtests are only available to iOS users at this time. Android is coming soon! You can't pick up and play this game at any time. You must join one of our playtest sessions. Join our Discord server to receive your invitation to install the game and join us in our schedule playtests! Upon entry you will receive a DM from our MadWorld Operator bot that will ask you a few questions to get you started.

    Find out more and join our Discord server here -> https://discord.gg/Rzmfb7ex2T

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