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    Build a structures and manage construction using your skills and talent! Learn how to be the ultimate bridge constructor by learning bridge construction step by step in our newest, exceptionally realistic engineering game. Bridge & Construction Builder is a very fun and addictive construction simulator. Come and try our bridge and construction building game! You will learn so much about the materials, calculation, construction work, and many more!

    Why should you play our engineering game? Unlike other engineering games, we use our unique and realistic physics engine, based on real calculations for true to life bridges and civil engineering constructions. Our game comprises of several steps for you to experience the realism of building a strong, sturdy structure. This is a TRUE bridge and construction simulator that lets you live out the experience and the responsibility of constructing bridges and as the chief engineer for a large project. You will really feel and understand the complexity of building a mega structure like the Golden Gate bridge compared to a simple wooden bridge.


    • Fun, addictive game for building bridges and structures
    • Realistic physics engine based on real engineering solutions
    • Build a bridge, tower, roof, and other construction works
    • In-game tutorial to help you learn and master bridge and construction building
    • Easily save and load your game, picking up from where you left off
    • Test out your bridge as you play
    • Undo and redo buttons to manage construction with ease
    • Many levels to play and various types of civil engineering structures
    • Great sound effects and background music to accompany you while playing
    • Awesome constructor simulator for all ages
    • Simple, responsive game control

    Our construction simulator is realistic but it’s far from the boring or frustrating moments that working life brings. We combine the fun of managing and building things with realism so you can have fun whilst learning meaningful and applicable skills. We don’t want to take the thrill out of the game, we just want to add more realism and be the best construction simulator game out there!

    If you have kids, this build bridges game is perfect for them! Give them a taste of being a true engineer working on a bridge building project. They can experience the thrill of immense construction, learning how to build bridges and manage projects. They start from small, simple bridges to constructing colossal projects like the Golden Gate bridge. Our construction game also teaches the skills needed to build decks, how to use steel and concrete correctly, bringing real-life complexity yet twice the fun!

    FUTURE UPDATE! Do you want to build amazing buildings and structures like a roller coaster and high voltage poles? We are preparing to update our game with a lot more features and buildings to build so download NOW and stay tuned!

    Do you know any friends or family who love bridge building, construction or engineering games? Please share this innovative game with them so they can also enjoy and have fun with you at the same time!


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