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    Today is the International Day against Nuclear Tests...

    In our game, you play as space explorer looking for new planets to settle because Earth is facing destruction. Let's make sure this future stays science-fiction...

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    Even space pilots need to start somewhere.

    Back to school.

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    One of the WIP shot from our game intro.

    "Explorers are ready to go to the stargate."

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    Only you and Universe. Dig & Fly.​

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    The core of the story of game Dig & Fly is climate change on Earth. You will have to find a way to reverse the process. Space holds the answers. :oops:

    Don't forget to Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/zZGurPx :)
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    Let's have a look at the creation process of Dig & Fly's enemies.

    From sketch to masks, raw B&W, details and finally colors...

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    Take a look at this big flying monster enemy battleship Civilization 14. Civilization inspired by Starwars
    It looks like human tech but who knows what is inside...

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    What happens when you find a key on the mine floor? Galaxies and new space adventures are opened. :)

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    Another set of artefacts is in Dig & Fly

    Mystery Books

    from Common ⭐️
    to Legendary ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️rarity

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    This week we have added a little hint for space explorers where to look for missingr esources.

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    Using a different color set of weapons based on enemy type is a great way to speed up a fight and your spaceship would not be out of fuel too early. Presets helps.

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    Quest challenges - Quick overview what we are preparing for you...brave space explorers.

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    Turbo“ - Strong and powerful as a tank. It can survive space enemy fire easily but it has to be fast to get them down and not to be out of fuel.

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    Spaceship's triple cannon. We call it "Mobidick". Very effective!

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    Hi amazing space explorers!

    Now you have a great opportunity to join this amazing space journey via beta. We are doing maximum to keep game polish and without bugs but please be aware that this is still beta version.

    We really appreciate your help. Thanks to you will be Dig & Fly a better game.

    If you own iOS device, following this link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/aJxwkNIG
    If you own Android device, following this link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.WoodDogGames.DigAndFly

    Big THANKS to everyone!

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    I tried to submit in TestFlight but my text was too long so here is my feedback:


    I have been playing for quite awhile now so I wanted to share some feedback.

    1. I think the ramp up to earning money is very slow. Other clickers help hook you by allowing you to progress fast at the beginning and then slow down after awhile. This game is slow right out of the gate and takes a lot of grinding. You don’t really get very many coins while you are away so the only way to progress is to manually tap on your robots every minute. It slowly gets better but it is still a very manual game that will get a bit tiresome quickly. I would suggest spreading up the beginning and allowing some levels to auto generate coins or something.

    2. The inventory is brutal. I wish only the rocks counted towards your inventory. With the items on my robots and ship weapons, I ran out of inventory real quick. I used all my gems for more slots and it is still tough. I have been trying to 3 star each planet to earn more coins while I am away but I can’t really do anything else because my inventory is so limited. I just have to play the game for rocks and the delete them if they are not the ones I need. I know you can transfuse but some upgrades require a bunch of material that I need to hold on to.

    The game is a fun concept but it just takes a lot of work and grinding for any progress. I worry your retention will be too low.
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    Hi Wicked8146,

    Thank you very much for your feedback. We really appreciate it because this is exactly type of feedback which help us to make the game better.

    1. We are still playing with numbers to have gameplay smooth as much as possible. We are preparing the update of game where should be income higher from mine + income from colonies will be higher too. Another thing what will decrease grind in the game is amount of materials needed for evolution which we are going to decrease. Then we will try to decrease the amount of taps needed for charge of mining drones.

    2. You are right. In the next version of game will be inventory much much bigger immediately on the beginning. And we will double amount of slots which you can buy.

    If you will see any other problems in the game, please don't be hesitate to let us know. We have a discord server where you can chat with us directly: https://discordapp.com/invite/zZGurPx

    Thank you!
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    Beta update 0.0.12 ready.

    Enjoy it :)

    iOS https://testflight.apple.com/join/aJxwkNIG
    Android https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.WoodDogGames.DigAndFly

    Enjoy it. We are looking forward to your feedback inside app or Discord https://discord.gg/bh2M7DF

    • Speed up loading time
    • Balancing the fusion
    • Added new materials for the fusion
    • Added possibility to buy missing material for card evolution
    • Huge extension of materials (see picture)
    • Replace some materials with better visuals
    • VIP upgrades for colonies MATCH3
    • Balancing difficulty and size of boards
    • Fix meteorites didn't explode in same cases
    • Balancing speed of charging skills UI
    • Tweak size of UI headers
    • Better position and size of windows close buttons
    • New position for the fusion button
    • Added the fusion quest
    • Balanced quests
    • Renamed materials using similar ends for rarity groups
    • Leaderboard fixes
    • Fix swapping miner bug
    • Fix Spaceship energy vs slots

    Thank you for testing

    Stay tuned for 0.0.13

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