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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by bamafan12, May 24, 2009.

  1. iaian7

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    Apr 4, 2009
    Another important distinction is the use of cache - TwitterFon loads nearly instantly, displaying everything you've received so far, and downloads updates very quickly. Tweetie stores nothing - even if you don't have any new messages, you have to wait for it to re-download every old message, before you can tell! It's utterly maddening, and something that's been posted to their request forum for awhile, I suspect.

    All that said, I still use Tweetie - despite it's (major) short comings, it offered multiple account support when I needed it (long before TwitterFon added the Pro version), I like the setup (GPS to location or link, etc.), and I really do like the design. Not the iChat-style balloons, of course, but the smooth gray interface is a pleasure to use, IMHO.

    Given the shortcomings, however, I'll be keeping an eye on TwitterFon - any significant sale, and I plan on purchasing it. Just can't justify "full price" after already spending money on Tweetie! I know that makes me cheap, but I'm ok with that. :D
  2. Musicrocks182

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    Nov 5, 2008
    Tweetie hands down... tried a couple others and Tweetie just has the most features and the ability for multiple accounts which is nice and easy to use.
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    Twinkle is not a Twitter client!

    To the Tweetie caching issue: This bothers me since I had to switch from Twitterfon to Tweetie. I use an Edge iPhone and while Twitterfon loads and displays the tweets instantly and than adds the new ones Tweetie always gets all Tweets from the server, which takes a while. To make things worse, Tweetie *tries* to preserve your scrolling position from the last session, but if you have a few hundreds of new tweets, Tweetie does not load as much tweets as are needed to "get to" the saved position and - FAIL - jumps to the TOP. I hope that this will be fixed, because the desktop Tweetie finally uses a cache.

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