Best Turn-Based RPG?

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Is there a general consensus on what is the best turn-based RPG for the iPhone? I have pretty much completed Rimelands (which I loved) and am looking for something else.

    Any suggestions?
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    - Battle for Wesnoth. You will get THEE best bang for your buck with the amount of content/diversity the game has to offer. This game is pretty massive and is (I feel) a must have if your a fan of turn-based.

    - Chaos Rings. Beautiful graphics and a great storyline. A good amount of content too.

    - Song Summoner. Make characters with music from your library and send them into battle. This game offers a generous amount of depth and replayability. Very diverse and very unique . A solid choice for Turn Based RPG.

    - The War of Eustrath. Good deal of content, multiple endings, lengthy gameplay, and pretty big battles.
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    chaos rings
    crimson gem saga
    final fantasy 1
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    I've been enjoying Shining Force - it's a ported Sega 16 game in which you have up to 12 (I think) players in your party, decent story, and fine graphics (old school of course).

    For dungeon crawlers, Cavern and Sword of Fargoal are both great (SoF is sort of a real-time/turn based hybrid). And there's another I'm looking forward to when it comes out probably around the end of the year - MageLore.

    For first person RPGs, The Quest and Undercroft are both good. I prefer Undercroft more myself cuz you get a party and the story seemed a bit more coherent.

    [edit] Oh yeah, and Godson mentioned Wesnoth - it's a bit more TBS than RPG, but it does have good story elements and some other RPG elements. And as he said, there's a TON of content.
    There's also Palm Heroes - basically a version of Heroes of Might and Magic 2/3 for iphone - a good RPG/TBS game. Also has tons of campaigns to play and will be coming out with a complete redo of the graphics by end of year I think.
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    Aug 25, 2009
    • Sword of Fargoal
    • Rimelands
    • Final Fantasy 1
    • Final Fantasy 2
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