iBloxs is an addictive game.

*** AppShouter review *** http://www.appshouter.com/ibloxs-iphone-app-review/ &quo…
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iBloxs is an addictive game.

*** AppShouter review *** http://www.appshouter.com/ibloxs-iphone-app-review/ "A classic puzzle game that feels like Columns!"
"Especially if you enjoy puzzle games, this is an app that you can't afford to miss."

It is based on the principle of tetris attack. There is a similar game on mac or p.c. called crack attack, which is really fun.

You can find a video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LmUBgz7LMU

There are three modes of game :

** TimeAttack **
The game area contains some bloxs with 5 different colors. You can switch them horizontally. When at least three bloxs of the same color are aligned either horizontally or vertically, they disappear and they let the above bloxs fall.
New bloxs continually appear at the bottom, so the level is increasing.

You must keep the bloxs from reaching the top as long as possible… so you can reach the best scores.

But when you destroy some bloxs, you will have a special one : a waste bloxs, that will be added. The only way to get rid of it is to destroy other bloxs around it.

** Puzzle **
The game area is filled with bloxs. You have all the time you need. Your goal is to destroy the most bloxs you can while you try to get the best combos : that is the best chain of reaction : this will really increase your score...

** Multi **
It is just like the TimeAttack but this time you can choose which of your opponent will receive the waste bloxs you create.

Who will be the last survivor?

You can play up to 4 using bluetooth.

Don't wait anymore and try to beat the world records...
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Feb 15, 2010
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