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    There is no game over here, play as much as you like ! Tried once, get addicted forever !!! Simple game play but extremely enjoyable !

    MATH Games designed for both Adult and Children ! Super Addictive Non Stop Game Play With Attractive Interface Design ! Look for "Click Me" button to get unlimited access to download Free Apps !

    This is the best apps for your children to learn mathematics addition as a fun quiz ! Every math question is given certain time frame (default is 30 sec) to answer. The correct answer will add 50 points while wrong answer will minus 50 points. There is no limit of math questions, you could play as long as you want ! You could even set the time frame to answer every question.

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    Following are the 3 math addition categories presented in the main menu :
    (1).Addition with number up to 10 (suitable for children age 3-5)
    (2).Addition with number up to 100 (suitable for children age 6-9)
    (3).Addition with number up to 1000 (suitable for children age 9 and above)

    Let's them learn math in a fun way ! Great Apps for Math Learning !

    - Each quiz question will be auto generated by system and presented in a fun style on a blackboard image
    - You are given certain timing (in seconds) to give the correct answer by keying in the text box and click on the Check button besides.
    - Every quiz you answer, the score will be recorded and displayed on the bottom. Correct answer will be given 50 points while wrong answer will minus 50 points.
    -Different smiley pictures will be presented at the bottom if you answer correctly, wrongly or too slow.
    - To go to next question, just click on the 'Go to next question' button
    - You could view the scores using the 'View Your Scores' button.
    - To enhance flexibility of the required time to answer the quiz, user is able to change the timing by using the setting button in the tool bar
    - To go back to main menu, just use the Reset button in the tool bar
    - To give more fun of playing this quiz game, the apps is embedded with music. User could turn on or off the music as they like
    - To share this great apps with your friends using email, Facebook and twitter. It is all in the tool bar.
    - You don’t have to pay again. No in-app purchase.

    Download now from App Store:

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