Best Japanese reference app(s)?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Lounge' started by TouchChatterbox, Oct 19, 2010.

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    May 21, 2009
    Headed to Japan next week & would like to grab some Japanese reference apps. Both a phrasebook type one and one with lessons.

    What do you all recommend?

    Also please mention any other useful apps eg for the subway system or area where I'll be (Tokyo area). Thanks.
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    well, kotoba is a nice dictionary (dunno if its still in the store) and it's free. Grab the lonely planet app, if there is one or japanese.
  3. Mew2468

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    Oct 20, 2008
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    I think Japanese is a great Japanese dictionary app (I snagged it while it was free). I don't know about an app for lessons though.
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    "Kotoba" is great, the usual common words are all here.

    "Japanese" from Code from Tokyo is much,much deeper but also really expensive now. If you are not planning to become an expert, this might not be necessary. I use it everyday, excellent app.

    For Traveling itself I guess "Decent Japanese Travelling Communicator" by Greenose is quite a steal now, because it not only does have the question but also most of the possible answers to be expected.
    I have no tried it by myself though.

    - for learning there are quite many apps.

    "My Japanese Coach" from Ubisoft is nice. Has audio and is
    esp. easy for starters.
    "Genki 1 Japanese Vocabulary" from Playsay looks also promising for starting into Japanese.

    Most of the learning tools are about the same and it depends more on you personal learning style and depth of interest which you like best.
    They usual they state the content of JLPT level 4 to 1 (which is now outdated - now it´s N5 to N1 but it´s just a matter or organization)
    But most of them focus on words only and leave the grammar out.
    But you should def. get one with audio support.
    There are few but nasty pitfalls in halfway natural pronounciation
    Like `u` is rarely pronounced and second syllable emphasis.

    The only one so far I have found is
    "Human Japanese" which is really well rounded for words and grammar.

    - for getting around in Tokyo

    "Tokyo Metro" and "Metro Nav Tokyo" seem ok.

    Besides OffMaps I have not found a decent Streetmap App.
    There are some but they don´t look so helpful.

    And once more I can recommend the BOOK "Dirty Japanese: Everyday Slang from "What's Up?" to "F*ck Off!"by Matt Fargo und Lindsay Mack, Ulysses Press.
    This is the `milder and more useful travelling`book than the other one from Eli Eshoh und Hiroaki Fukuyama.

    so far :)

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