Best games for recovering crack and crank addicts.

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    I find that the majority of my ios purchases go virtually unplayed. A few minutes ago, I just finished a game of Puzzlejuice that ran for nearly an hour.

    I barely blinked...the ashes on my lap the only memory I had of lighting a cig...

    Puzzlejuice. Befuddled. 10000000. Aaaaaaah. Beat Hazard Ultra. Jetpack Joyride. All Cave shmups.

    I'm sick of buying games that require 'learnin. Let's compile a list of the best games for the rest of us. ADD, OCD, drug addicts and drunks...and those who just have sinmilar tastes ;)

    The best brain melting, endlessly replayable, quick loading, twitchy, makin' time fly games in the appstore. I listed a few of mine.
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