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    Best Emoji Keyboard - Supports everywhere such as Emails, SMS, and all type chat messenger at make input Emoji more convenience. FREE Download Best Emoji Keyboard and share your feeling with your friends through social groups and SMS.

    Advanced Features:

    • Ads free Emoji Smart application.
    • Switch between the normal keyboard and Android Emoji keyboard.
    • Best collection of emoji, emoticons, and smileys support everywhere.
    • Support the English normal keyboard and symbol keyboard.
    • Full, Thumb and Compact layouts.
    • Easily Input various kind of smiley and emoticons.
    • Share smiley on text with your friends and groups.
    • Quickly used and share emoji through social sites.
    • Cover emoticons and smiley with particular categories.
    • Help you write better and funnier text messages and emoji .
    HOW TO ENABLE Emoji Best Keyboard?

    • Enable the Best Emoji Keyboard
    First go to HOME -> Setting -> Language & Keyboard, and then check the Best Emoji Keyboard to ENABLE it.
    • To use Keyboard, you need to change the input method.
    • Change the input method by holding the Text Box, and select the "Input Method", then choose Best Emoji Keyboard.

    ENJOY UNLIMITED FUN…Thanks For Downloading.

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