Best board games for AI/computer opponent?

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  1. Hey guys, I am hoping some of you iPad users will share your thoughts with me. What board games out there would be the most fun to be able to play on your iPad versus a computer/AI opponent? Let's start with this list if you like/know these games - if you feel like it, rank these games in the order you'd be most interested in playing with an AI opponent - but feel free to add your own, too:

    Chinese Go
    Atari Go

    Thanks for your input, I'm really interested in reading what board games people want to play on the iPad as it's such a cool platform for that kind of game! :)

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    Wrong section. But I suggest you download Carcassone. It's not HD, but even with pixel doubling it's enjoyable on the iPad.
  3. What section should a post like this be in? Still new to this... thanks

    edited to add: On further inspection i'm guessing general game discussion. My bad.. Can a mod move this for me by any chance?

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