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    Feb 20, 2020
    I wanna introduce myself :)

    My pseudonym is Ashiné Subtlety.
    I am 21 years old a beginner game developer.

    My goal is create a PC and Mobile game named Soulbeast.
    Game idea is:
    2D Action Hack and Slash RPG
    but... here is long … long way to reach this goal :)

    I got my first experience with GMS 2 from the hospital when I had an epileptic seizure and I was on neurology for 14 days.
    I was intrigued and I had the dream of creating a game once, but unfortunately there was no time for that.
    Now I'm on sick leave because I can't work yet. I have to keep the rest regime before surgery.
    Now I dedicate and learn how to handle GMS 2 correctly, how to create graphics, etc ...

    Now I want to show you my little creation when I tried to understand the logic of RNG and the percentage chances of eg critical hits etc ...

    I will be very happy if you spend a few minutes of my time on my Patreon site, where I also published my first project, which tries to describe and test this logic.
    It is available for download in rar format. You can look at it and use it for your purposes.
    I am interested in your opinion, any tips on how and where to learn programming better.
    Since I do not have the money for the license nor for online courses, I rely on free tutorials.
    I would like to continue to do this and continue, because I really enjoy it and it is a very interesting world for me.

    Thank you.

    Project can be found on:
    I would like to know your opinion.
    If you are interested I will be glad if you spend a few minutes of my time on my Patreon site.

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