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  1. Hey everyone, I haven't posted much in these forums but thought I would start getting to know some other devs. Came across this video in my files today and combined it with a recent video of my game. The first have is from 2013 during the first few days of me fooling around with game development stuff, not much previous experience. I sent that video to my brother seeing if he wanted to do artwork and make a game together. The second half is where we are now. Game dev can take time, with both have full time jobs on the side. But don't give up! Keep at it. Our game Jump Jack is nearing release.
  2. Sorry for linking to the tweet, I tried to embed the video but wouldn't work on these forums
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    Looks good. You should post in the upcoming games thread if its near release.
  4. Thanks! Working on getting a trailer made then will post. "Nearing release" for me means a month or two.

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