iPad Bedeviled: The most diabolical sliding puzzle game ever

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    Released July 3, 2009 on the iTunes App Store exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch.


    BEDEVILED is a monstrous hybrid of two simple toys: a sliding puzzle and a marble in a box.

    In BEDEVILED you're assembling a picture just like every other sliding puzzle. But the picture you're assembling is a marble rolling across a solid background. The only clue you have to which tile is which is as the ball moves from tile to tile!

    Simple to play. Difficult to master.

    BEDEVILED 1 is the $0.99 full version of the game. BEDEVILED 0 is the free version.

    Both versions include ball collision and tile sound effects, HELLFIRE feedback when a row or column is correctly placed, auto-save of game in progress, game end display of the number of moves and time to complete. The full version (BEDEVILED 1) includes an in-game move and time counter, the DAMNED cheat option, sound toggle, plus ball size, speed, and bounce options.


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