Becoming a Shire Brewmaster in Lord of the Rings Online?

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    Aug 5, 2009
    One of the features that make The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar similar to City of Heroes is the use of titles (or in CoH parlance, "Badges"). If you're a newcomer to LOTRO, then you may have noticed fellow adventurers having suffixes attached to their first names. Some may be called Leeroy Jenkins of Mirkwood, or Grunewald of Gondor.

    Gameplay-wise, titles have no impact on how your character (if you're looking for enhancements, you should look into Traits). Titles are merely bragging rights that you place beside your name, but that doesn't stop the people of Middle-earth from pursing quests that will give them a name different from the next.

    All characters start out with one title, but you'll have to "assign" it first. The first you get is from your Nationality. If you decided that your Elf came from Lindon, then you get "of Lindon" after the Elf's name. As you travel Middle-earth and gain more experience, you will earn a whole gamut of titles. You'll get titles from slaying enemies, crafting, and even Monster Play.

    Shire Brewmaster
    The focus of this guide is in getting the Shire Brewmaster title. This makes you an expert in the beers and ales of the Shire. After all, any self-respecting Hobbit washes down his food with good ale. This title isn't common as say, The Wary, so getting it would be a great idea. If you're bored of pursuing Bane of the Barrows and killing Wights for a living, what are you waiting for? This uncommon title comes at a price-you'll have to scour the Shire because it's not that easy to get.

    And how do you get this "kinda" rare title? You have to complete the five bartender quests that are available in the Shire's five taverns.

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