Beaver Smash ::: Riotous, Fast Action Fun! (Iron Ninja Games)

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    Jun 17, 2014
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    Greetings, Touch Arcade!

    Today we launch our media campaign for Beaver Smash, an action-packed, momentum-driven thrill ride.

    Our teaser / gameplay video:

    Beavers are on the march to take down forests throughout the world and only you can stop them!

    Get ready for fast action fun as you travel the globe tapping beavers at every turn. Smash them as they appear throughout the board before they take down all the trees. While easy to play in the beginning, the game quickly ramps up the challenge with added bombs to avoid, Power Ups to use, and environmental helpers like the imploding tornado.

    • • Over a dozen Beaver types — most have special abilities you’ll need to guard against to win
    • • Over 100 levels — Some bite size, some insanely challenging, and many more in between
    • • Infinite Mode — Randomly generated levels and modifiers for endless arcade fun
    • • Impossible Mode — Unlock with medals, then test your skills against the best
    • • Variety of Power Ups — Use them to zap, shoot, and gas your way to victory
    • • Achievements Galore — Earn your stripes in variety of challenges
    • • Stats — See your average Tapped Beavers per Second, percentage of Trees Saved, and many more
    • • Social — brag to your friends how many beavers you took down or share your new accuracy achievement
    • • Over a dozen Original Soundtracks — music for every major location

    The game really gets your blood rushing, which is why it is almost as much fun watching others play it as it is playing yourself.

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  2. Tosty

    Tosty Well-Known Member

    Oct 18, 2014
    Nice game IronNinjaGames... Looks well polished.

    Just wondering, how long did it take you to make it? How large was your team?
  3. IronNinjaGames

    Jun 17, 2014

    Technically, there are 5 of us who helped put this together...

    - I'm the the developer and UI artist
    - One artist did the concept art for the beavers, and modeled/rigged the trees (Yes, how many games have _rigged_ trees? lol)
    - One modeler who did the beavers
    - Two QA guys

    It's worth emphasizing that we've put in a TON of time iterating on this game with regard to the gameplay.

    There's actually a fairly complex Spawn Engine that closely controls and monitors the patterns trees are built each level, where and how the beavers appear, powerup placement, etc.

    After going to GDC last year, I was encouraged by one of the sessions where the guy from Jelly Splash gave a good presentation on the degree of chance you want to have vs what the user perceives as their skill. Some of those principles are at play in this engine.

    I've also held back a few of the beaver types and locations in the promotional materials to "save the wow", but may be letting more of the magic out of the box as we approach release.
  4. leoborisovich

    leoborisovich Member

    Nov 27, 2014
    EPIC trailer! I'm digging it!

    Is this for Android/IOS or both?
  5. IronNinjaGames

    Jun 17, 2014
    Yes -- we had a blast making the trailer as it kind of exemplifies the game's irreverent sense of humor.

    The game will launch on iOS in (hopefully) a few weeks. We are in beta now but really close to a release candidate.

    Our Android launch will likely be soon after. We wrote the game in Unity and had tested it in Android at several points throughout development, but we haven't done a test recently. But given it is Unity-based, we're pretty confident it won't be a big shift.
  6. IronNinjaGames

    Jun 17, 2014
    Hello again -- we are now very close to launch and would love to get a last round of beta testers for anyone interested in signing up -- we are first launching on iOS, so you must have an iPhone or iPad to jump in. Feel free to email beta at ironninja dot com or PM me directly with your email and I'll add you to our TestFlight.

    Thanks again, everyone!





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