"Beat the Kanji" Kickstarter - iOS JPOP rhythm music game

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    I've launched the Kickstarter for my iOS JPOP rhythm music game "Beat The Kanji".

    Kickstarter Page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1783078906/beat-the-kanji

    "Beat the Kanji" of the Japanese language by playing a fun music rhythm game.

    The game contains professionally produced songs with Japanese lyrics sung by native Japanese singers. The Japanese lyrics in the game are designed to give you exposure to the kanji as you play. "Beat The Kanji" provides the motivational fun of playing a game and listening to music through which you can stay motivated to stick with it and learn the kanji.

    I'm Scott, I develop apps as "Snowy Penguin". Past projects include the iOS entertainment app iNattou about the Japanese food "nattou". Early in my career I was a member of the team that made Chex Quest.

    I'm hoping to make a fun and motivational way for everyone to learn Japanese kanji, from beginner through advanced. Thanks for checking it out!

    Scott Holman

    Snowy Penguin

    "Beat The Kanji"

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