Universal Beat! Bop! Beat! - A music based multitasking game.

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    Mar 8, 2015
    Hi. My name is Ross and I made a game for iOS called Beat! Bop! Beat!


    Beat! Bop! Beat! is a music based multitasking/plate spinning game for iPhone and iPad that will be releasing very soon. You have one simple task: keep all the controls in their correct positions to keep the music going as long as you can!


    Time based, multitasking game play!
    Three Difficulty Settings!
    Gamecenter Leaderboards and Achievements!

    IAP Unlock for:
    More Music!
    More Controls!
    New Jam! Game Mode - Boards are randomized and shuffle!
    No more non-obtrusive, tastefully placed Ads!

    Beat! Bop! Beat! started it's life as a game in Ludum Dare #31. A game jam where the game and all assets must be created in 48 hours. Since then, it has been overhauled, updated and polished for a real release on iOS.

    For more info, check out my website: http://picardy-third.com/
    Or hit me up on twitter : @KitchsTweets

    Thanks for your time!

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