Beast Bound 1.0 is live!

Discussion in 'Android Games' started by Lt. Action, May 5, 2015.

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    I know it's exciting, but seriously, gather that heaping pile of foam back up into your gaping maws you animals.

    If you think you can handle yourselves, I'll share with you a secret.


    What is Beast Bound you ask? Of course you don't ask, that's a foolish question. Everyone who knows anything knows intuitively and will download the game with a swiftness.

    For the rest of you, here is a primer to get your sad lives back in order.

    BEAST BOUND is a new mobile action RPG harkening back to the golden age of the Super Nintendo.

    We've got:
    • [*]Turn Based Battles
      [*]Iconic Beasts
      [*]Gut Bustin' Dialogue
      [*]Wonky Characters
      [*]Wonkier Weapons
      [*]The Wonkiest Story
      [*]Straight-Up Wonk

    For those of you less acquainted with your letters, open up them eyeballs and GET A LOAD OF THIS!


    If you decide to take control of your life and set yourself on the correct path by trying out Beast Bound, please let us know what you think by filling out this survey!

    Ya'll, ya'll are the best <3
  2. Lt. Action

    Lt. Action Well-Known Member

    A very warm, sloppy thank you to youtuber "ProAPK" for uploading our very first gameplay vid!

    We've been a little busy, you know, MAKING A GAME and haven't had time to put together a trailer proper, so this is the best we can do you hungry, hungry jackals.

    We aim to please and our aim is deadly, so we'll have a nice and polished up trailer at some point, but please make yourselves at home on this juicy vid in the meantime!

    **Version 1.0 is only the beginning! We have many, many new features to roll out so there's plenty to look forward to you insatiable so-and-so's!

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