This is a story of the little bear and the bee kingdom.
This is specifically for the bear Amateurs to create the ex…
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This is a story of the little bear and the bee kingdom.
This is specifically for the bear Amateurs to create the exclusive game.
If you like cute cartoon bear, then you must not miss this game!

Leo Bear lived happily in the forest,because of it’s nose was turned into a carrot by Dark Wizard.It Began the adventure of looking for the nose. Leo Bear and his partner, a transfiguration magic fish gun, the two began to bee castle journey, and to start fighting. Along the way, through more hardships, he would uncover the ancient secret of the bee kingdom.

“BearShot™“ is a cute cartoon shooting game which took six months carefully crafted masterpiece by cloud interactive entertainment company FLO-CLO™.We aspire to create a cartoon brand.In addition to the game,we will serve all the wonderful animation stories ,as well as toys and other merchandise.More details are designing,so stay tuned!


★★★Game Features★★★
★Support for Simpled Chinese and English.
★The gameplay is simple, easy to use, all ages.
★3 chapters,60 levels.Built-in animation story, with the development of the story, the more difficult will be gradual
★More roles and more exciting story is coming soon. The new Chapter “The Clouds Country! Regeneration!”Will debut in the next version, so stay tuned!
★Props and integral system, the proper use of game props to enhance the power of the bear attack, and enhance the fun of the game
★We will be giving 500 Bear coins and various weapons, props.If you need more bear coins and props,you can play games or recharge to get them.

★★★Play Introduction★★★
★Fish gun is Leo Bear’s conventional weapons, used to shoot down ordinary bees. You need to adjust the size of the bubble by the length of clicking on the screen time, the appropriate use of large bubbles tend to play an unexpected effect.
★Other weapons used to shoot down other advanced bees, not shoot down ordinary bees. But can be upgraded to shoot down ordinary bees
★Note that, in addition to the fish gun, other weapons will consume more energy, pay attention to save your energy for shooting down senior units, and can get higher scores
★You need to know about every gun’s features and attributes.It will help you to better master the game rules

From time to time we will organize activities, you will have the opportunity to receive a free various Bully BearShot™ peripheral products, please concern:
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Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Sep 11, 2012
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