Battlestar Commander:A Sci-Fi Strategy/Shooter Coming Soon From Bulkypix

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    French publisher BulkyPix - behind games such as Saving Private Sheep, - is releasing an ambitious space shooter Battlestar Commander onto the App Store later in November.
    A turn-based tabletop strategy game with shooter and sci-fi elements mixed in, Battlestar Commander threatens to become over-complicated if it wasn't for the integration of a multi-touch control scheme.


    Allowing you to shoot and steer your spacebound vessel, the control scheme looks to be what will make the game a soaring success, or a disappointing failure.

    Solo and friendly

    And controls aside, there looks to be lots of gameplay to get your teeth into.

    The single player has some vague plot going on about a world drained of resources, but what's really important are that there are 20 planets to explore and 50 missions.


    With BulkyPix promising over ten hours of play time there looks to be plenty for the solo space cadet - which makes the promised one versus one multiplayer an added bonus.

    Set up like a tabletop game, it involves ten second rounds where you must alternately switch from selecting ships to destroy your opponent, to then defending yourself against attacks.

    A concrete release date is yet to be announced for Battlestar Commander, as well as any price, but it will be out for iPad or iPhone soon.




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