Battlesmiths: Blade & Forge

Battlesmiths: Blade and Forge is a fun strategy RPG that invites you on an epic journey. Free your town, craft powerful …
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Battlesmiths: Blade and Forge is a fun strategy RPG that invites you on an epic journey. Free your town, craft powerful weapons and armor for your fighters and battle dangerous enemies! Hone your tactics, acquire rare resources, create even more powerful items and conquer the opponents in various modes, including a captivating story campaign and a challenging real-time PvP arena. CRAFT YOUR WAY TO VICTORY The game offers a comprehensive crafting system with lots of options for weapons, armor, and artifacts that can help you in battle. This system adds depth and complexity to the game and gives players a chance to hone their strategy and make their heroes even stronger. Apart from creating powerful items, you can pick and change the classes of your heroes and give them new abilities using various runes. Winning requires you to be wise about allocating your time and resources while preparing for battle. Your characters fight automatically in this strategy RPG battler, but the outcome of each battle depends on your strategy and tactics. Choose the right gear, place your heroes wisely, and use consumables to ensure victory for your team. EXPLORE THE CAPTIVATING STORY-DRIVEN CAMPAIGN Play the Campaign mode to uncover a thrilling story full of adventure, friends and foes, humans and monsters, conspiracies, betrayals, and ancient magic. Each chapter takes place in a unique region with its own enemies and obstacles. Lead your squad to victory! CHALLENGE YOURSELF IN THE TOWER OF TRIALS Enter the Tower of Trials mode, where you will face more and more powerful enemies at every new level. Win these battles to get powerful rewards, including the ability to hire new heroes and upgrade their rarity. BECOME THE CHAMPION IN THE PVP MODE Join real-time PvP matches and test your tactical skills against the best players in intense strategic battles! FIGHT IN STYLE Battlesmiths: Blade and Forge offers amazing graphics and intuitive UI inviting players of any skill level, but holding enough depth and complexity to be a challenge even for strategy RPG veterans. Personalize your heroes with cosmetic items and bring even more style to your experience. In Battlesmiths: Blade and Forge the fate of the world is in your hands. Conquer the thrilling story mode, hone your skills in tactics and in the comprehensive craft system, fight in the PvP mode and enjoy this beautiful strategic RPG. Accept the challenge and become the ultimate Battlesmith! Subscribe to our official channels and learn more! Official Battlesmiths Website: Battlesmiths on Discord: Battlesmiths on YouTube: Terms of use: Privacy Policy:
Genre:Role Playing, Strategy
Release:Aug 28, 2023
Updated:Nov 17, 2023
Size:149.1 MB
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