Universal BattleHeart 2 (by Mika Mobile)

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  1. Tahoe

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    Oct 22, 2015
    Is there any way to transfer save files between devices?
  2. DavidDarko

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    Jul 13, 2018
    Cedric - Rynn
    Time-Lost Manablade +20% Skill Power + 40 Power
    Obsidian Soulcrusher +5% Crit + 40 Power
    Witherstrike +10% Life Drain + 40 Power

    Roman - Cyruss
    Tombcaller +5% Crit +40 Power
    Vardus, the Reaper +5% Rewind +41 Power
    Sandstorm +10% Haste +41 Power

    Kaimani - November - Odette
    Pillar of the Venomlord +10% Life Drain +40 Power
    Abyss +25% Skill Power +40 Power
    Archmage's Ivory Staff +5% Rewind +40 Power

    Armageddon Blades +10% Life Drain +41 Power
    The Madman's Soulcleavers +5% Rewind +41 Power
    Hammers of the Underkings +25 Crit Power +41 Power

    Mad Smith's Gloomblade +5% Rewind +40 Power
    The Bloodletter +10% Life Drain +40 Power
    Hasegawa's Destiny +5% Deflection + 40 Power

    Trauma +5 Crit +40 Power
    Inquisitor's Doorknocker +5% Rewind + 40 Power
    Hammer of the Nameless Giant +25% Skill Power +40 Power

    Beacon of the Heavens +10% Haste +50 Power
    Aegis +15% Deflection +50 Power
    M'ir's Guiding Hand +15% Skill Haste +50 Power

    Echoes of Love Lost +25% Skill Power +48 Power
    The Spirit of Battle +5%Crit +48 Power
    Symphony of the Evergod +54Power

    Inferno Mail +10% Skill Haste + 34 Armor Light
    Shroud of the Coven +10% Skill Power +34 Armor Light
    Mantle of the Immortal +10% Regen +34 Armor Light

    Battlegear of the Blademaster +10% Haste +45 Armor Medium
    Kingslayer's Wrap +10% Skill Power +45 Power Medium
    Cowl of the Red Fang +25% Crit Power + 45Armor Medium

    Crimson Regalia +200 Health +50 Armor Heavy
    Aegis of the Lost City +10% Deflection +56Armor Heavy
    Mor'doth Doomplate +5% Crit +56 Armor Heavy
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    Jan 30, 2015
    829C6460-8701-4F60-AE9B-6DA4A1479679.jpeg Obligatory victory post.
    Had a blast with this comp. Odette’s Soul Crush is amazing, and enhanced Smite does a great job cleaning up boss stage fodder.

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  4. wolpak

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    Feb 7, 2011
    It's gotten quiet here. I've been playing exclusively on the hardest difficulty from the beginning and it's pretty gosh darn hard. I barely got by the cyclops at level 11 (which is really hard to get to as you are leveling up on level 6 enemies at that point). I needed some extreme focus fire and bunching up as I couldn't kill his adds before he summoned more. It was fun though.

    I am running Shadow Knight, War Priest, Rogue and Frost Mage.

    Shadow Night as main tank, mostly for his self healing and sharing of Life Drain (though it's hard to see if that is functioning properly, he is at 24% which would put the rest of the team at 12%). Debilitate is his best skill as it makes Ogres and Slimes more manageable. Doom helps with a big smack in the face 10% of the time.

    War Priest as I wanted a healer and an off tank and he fits both roles. I pumped up his healing capabilities and Holy Nova with shelter to reduce incoming damage.

    Rogue is there to burn down the big guys. At first I was going to focus on Sneak Attack skills, but Poisoned Knife is being the star at this point. Paralytic Venom stuns them, Hidden blade lets me almost stun lock an enemy (when I get knife juggler). Rush Down gives me haste as I am throwing these knives around and Toxic Shock makes me hit harder on these high HP enemies.

    Frost Mage is there for CC. At first I felt her passives we underwhelming and I wanted to make best use of blizzard with the occasional flash freeze to lock out a tough guy or a healer. I, instead, went the sudden chill route to cast flash freeze every 15 seconds, and with Winter is here, I refresh my glacial spike every 15 seconds too. I am mixed on Hypothermia. It goes with my theme, but it doesn't seem to do that much damage. Numbing grasp is key as it reduces the damage of frozen dudes by 35%. I am mixed on taking shatter as the enemy doesn't take any damage when frozen from my party members, and I would need to make sure a glacial spike is the first thing sent at it. I often accidentally send one anyway in the heat of a battle and this would free the enemy before I wanted.

    Most trash battles consist of either mid tier enemies ganging up, like rats and bats, or a couple big dudes swinging in. If it's mid tier, I just lump everyone together, have the frost mage blizzard and the shadow knight Nova to get their attention and then just unleash abilities to kill everyone off.

    With the big guys, I'll focus on one and freeze the other (or a healer) and then immediately use the refresh on glacial to hit the main ogre or whatever. At this point and with the strength of the enemies, it's good to be able to divide and conquer as well as developing synergies between skills.
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    Oct 28, 2013
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    Hey all. Nearing the end of my first play through with Rynn, November, Costello and Mint and loving every minute of it.

    Can someone recommend end game gear/loadouts/skills for the aforementioned party?

    Right now Rynn tanks with items providing life drain, November is all about crowd control and AoE and the healers... well they heal. I’ve been contemplating removing Mint and letting Costello do the heavy lifting for healing, I feel I rarely use my healers abilities, just their auto attacks.

    Not sure I’m playing this party to it’s full potential and would love insight from the community. Thanks.
  6. rhinofinger

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    Dec 10, 2013
    Wait really? What does it do then? I'm really confused what some of the stats actually do, especially this and Knowledge. Is there a guide anywhere explaining this stuff?
  7. WjndWalk3r

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    Apr 22, 2015
    just read their skill description, Healer autoattack is healing beam or wave, that's their skill and it count as power (dmg) equip more powerful weapon to them or doing anything that increase their power = they will heal a lot per healing wave or beam.
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    So.....how's multiplayer? Any discord server or something for matchmaking?

    Doesn't the icloud upload and download option let you do that?
  9. DavidDarko

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    Jul 13, 2018
    I'd also like to know if anyone has some steady multiplayer games going on. Trying to push for higher arena levels.
  10. wolpak

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    Feb 7, 2011
    My idea for new classes:

    Archer: Bows and Leather, active abilities based on ranged single targeting and CC. Fairly straight forward.

    Ranger: Can use either Bows or Dual Weapons and Leather. Abilities based on a pet he can summon over and over as well as traps. Would be cool to lure monsters into traps. Bonuses maybe on focusing on the same enemy his pet is focused on.

    Paladin: Uses swords or hammers and heavy armor. Focuses on regen and making it useful through an aura. An ability to protect and take half the damage from another party member for 10 seconds or whatever.

    Druid: Uses healing staves and cloth. Normal form he heals like a healer (focuses on one party member). Can transform into a Bear with 2 abilities to tank (and 1 to revert), a Cat with 2 abilities for DPS (and 1 to revert) and Scorpions (with ranged attack and 2 abilities to CC). This would allow the Druid to fill any role of a character that died, but in limited form.
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    Jul 13, 2018
    anyone know if iOs and android can play together?

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