Battle Zone HD - Volcano Crisis

In battle zone, the main purpose of the game is to keep your base alive as long as you can by building mazes using defen…
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In battle zone, the main purpose of the game is to keep your base alive as long as you can by building mazes using defense units. There are 10 kinds of defense units. Choose where and which one to build to block both air and land enemies away from your base. Once the base health comes to zero, the battle is lost. Destroying your enemy gives the defense units EXP points; the more damage a unit will inflict, the higher its ranking will be. As its ranking and medal count increases,defense units gain more abilities such as stun, teleportation, money steal, life steal, heavy damage, fast speed, wide range, critical hit, additionally more medals will results in more exp points. Enemies come in waves from all directions. The combat duration on battle zone will solely depends on your wisdom! Follow us on Twitter at
- Upgrade automatically depending on the performance of each defense unit.
- Take advantage of the slowing spots on the battle zone to survive.
- Random medal system. Every time is a different experience.
- Endless waves to challenge your wisdom and luck.
- Internet ranking list to compete with the world for the highest score.
- 3 difficulites for player of all levels - Build defense during game pause
- map weapon: - EMP - TNT - Nuclear Bomb - Enemy Freezer

The medals give you extra defense power. Equipping them as soon as you get them on the right unit really prolong your survival time. When you get high-rank medals, put them high-rank units and move their old low-rank medal to low-rank units. Thus you make full use of all the medals. There are several spots on every stage that will slow down ground enemies. In order to make defense more efficient, you can block the route of enemies to make them go through the slow-down spots. Defense unit upgrades automatically. Shoot an enemy, you can 1 exp point. Destroy one, you get 5 points. Place your favorite defense unit where destroy enemies at every turn to upgrade it sooner. Use E.M.P to slow down enemies when you don’t have enough time to stop them. And use TNT as the last resort to protect your base. They’re quite expensive, so use them wisely at the very necessary time. When you have excess defense power, call up the next wave of enemies to earn bonus money. Medal system: Destroy enemy to get medal that has 1-3 of the following abilities. Defense units can only equip with the medal of their same rank. The high the rank is, the more medals can be equipped(up to 6). Medals: more chance of getting new medals. Stun: Shock enemies by certain chances, so they cannot move for 3 seconds. Teleportation: Teleport enemy back to start point by certain chances. Money steal: Steal 5% enemy hp for cash by certain chances Life steal: Heal base health for 1 point, by certain chances. Heavy damage: Deal more damage on enemy per shot. Fast speed: Increase defense unit shooting speed. Wide rage: Increase defense unit shooting range. Critical hit: Deal 5x damage by certain chances. More exp: Gain more exp during battle.
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